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  1. VukanBoss

    Need help

    I have 2 siblings home , and we have 1 pc and 1 laptop in house , how we can all play to not get banned ? Thanks
  2. VukanBoss

    Cant start game

    Can someone help me with ? I tried everything possible and still cant instal it , also i instaled and service pack 1 , c++ 2015 and still nothing. Please help me to fix this problem.
  3. VukanBoss

    Where to get Promo cards?

    I played a game alot in past , so i just wondering is there any chance to get promo cards ? Or better question , how i can get it and others , paying for it or something else ? Thanks
  4. VukanBoss

    Help , i cant even login

    What is solutions ? How i can fix this problem ? i am already on forum and still cant login into a game

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