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  1. If you want us to have any realistic chance to fix this supposed bug, we need more information than this. As of now, I have no clue what the issue exactly is. Videos would greatly help to demonstrate the bug.
  2. And are you getting daily quests?
  3. I do indeed notice weird behavior or your account and a couple others. Could you tell me a little more about what you have and/or have not received? Think of daily BFP, quests, booster discount etc. Or any other weird behavior. Is this the first time you login after new years?
  4. Yes, we have listened. Added in patch Moved to implemented.
  5. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! We are happy to announce that @Maze has joined our team as a web developer. He has demonstrated to have time, knowledge and interest in the project, especially with the card price tracking website and card price notification bot he has been developing. For now he will be working with @freund17 on new tools and services, more prominently internal moderation tools. That being said, he has shown interest in other areas such as Data Analysis, which can for example become very useful to analyze the effect of balance changes in the future. Best
  6. They will be made public on the day we plan to release the balancing update. Patrons get the release notes earlier.
  7. Patch #400021 Greetings Skylords, This update contains mostly minor tweaks/fixes and quality of life improvements, but also an important new mode for PvP that allows players who want to grind their PvP decks to do so. We have heard your feedback on the free PvP decks and hope this is a good compromise. General changes Made mini boosters untradeable. These boosters were meant to be opened and not traded, and we noticed some players were trying to scam with this booster. Added "Unlimited" PvP mode for sparring. In this sparring mode players can use both the fr
  8. Well, I am sorry to hear that that happens to your hand, but for many players it does not. Like I mentioned there are different types of achievements, and this one simply isn't for you then. Luckily there are many other achievements that you can complete. My goal is to have different types of achievements (measurement and completion achievements of different difficulty levels) for different stages of the game (early game, mid-game and late game). That way everyone has something. Well, achievements work very differently from quests and they also have different purposes than qu
  9. Or we realize that achievements are supposed to remain what they are: achievements. Not every achievement is for everyone and just because some players cannot finish it, is absolutely no reason to get rid of them. If anything, I would consider the reserves achievement to be the best achievement we have thus far. I have read so many players who had as goal to complete this achievement and felt rewarded once they did so. If achievements are too easy they stop being rewarding or have any meaningful impact. Plus you totally defeat the purpose of having said achievements. There are different a
  10. We never had a reconnect feature. We have game and forge servers, and you likely lost connection to the game server which meant your game froze. You were still connected to the forge server (which handles for example chats), which means you were able to still chat.
  11. Likely our biggest and only form of advertisement for now will be contacting youtubers, magazines, streamers etc. to write or talk about our project, or even better to play and share that experience with others. The open stress phase was very useful to fix prominent bugs, but now we need to also first make sure our servers still work properly when there are many more players online. Since release me and zyna have already fixed a couple of issues that were not easily detectable with lower player base. The servers are handling it very well and release could almost not have gone better, but we ju
  12. @justcooler You receive 2 new quests each day regardless of whether you completed the quests from the day prior. You can have a maximum of 6 quests. @LEBOVIN needs to update the wiki
  13. Ladadoos


    @Gardfield17 I think you mean Gold and not BFP right? We are looking into the issue.
  14. Ladadoos


    "elementary mastery no reward at 70 matches" This achievement does not give a reward at 70 matches. If your achievement does not progress then you are simply using the wrong decks. If it says you must only use a nature deck for example, then you cannot use any other cards that have either Fire, Frost or Shadow in this deck.
  15. @DreamsXX2PL What you were rewarded there are upgrades for cards and not the cards themselves.
  16. Hi, could you please share your complete log file with us after trying to login? (the actual file)
  17. @GIZMACHI Yes, you can play with your wife! Be a little careful with doing trades though. If we see you are trading a lot of points only to one account it makes it really suspicious for multi-accounting. What is your ingame name and your wise ingame name?
  18. Hi, people already have level 120 decks because of the free PvP decks that can only be used in PvP. You also wrote in the wrong section on the forum: this is for recruitment, not general purpose questions. I will therefore close this thread. If you have any other questions please write in the appropriate section such as here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/39-general-talk/
  19. With the release 18th of December everyone's progression was reset.
  20. Ladadoos


    Everyone constantly only looks at the promo announcements and nothing else. At the time of writing less than 0.02% of cards are promos. Keep in mind that not everyone will trade their promos, not everyone will use their promos constantly and in the late game people will get less boosters than now. They are much rarer than everyone thinks from the announcements. I bet if we were to turn off the announcements everyone would think it is completely fine how rare the promos are.
  21. You're not skipping something: there is no affinity as of now. But we are keen to improve this so please do create suggestions in the link fiki sent: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/issues
  22. It would be nice if the original post (or someone) could compile a list of suggested changes plus their possible down and upsides. This is not an official statement, but thus far the option to create "Free PvP" PvP matches or "Collection" PvP matches sounds like the best compromise (assuming each mode has a healthy amount of players). That way players who want to play with maxed out decks can do so against other players with maxed out decks, and players who wanna build up their deck can do so and play against other players who also do the same.
  23. Could you please show a screenshot of your Documents/BattleForge folder and one where you installed the game? (please show all the files in the folder in the screenshot). When exactly do you get this error? Be very precise please.
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