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  1. NAME: All time rankings bug DESCRIPTION: All time rankings don't take into account current month if you were not on last month rankings. So if player X had a time of 10 mins last month and this month his time was 9 mins, it's gonna show in all time properly - but if a player Y had a time of 8 mins this month and no times recorded last month, it won't show up in 'all time' at all. REPRODUCIBILITY: n/a SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: n/a LOG: n/a ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Should show up as... all time. so It should show the best results a player had this month even though he didn't have any records month before. Check 1 player bg for easy reference.
  2. NAME: amii booster desc. typo DESCRIPTION: :"strenght" istead of "strength" in the amii booster description in the store page. REPRODUCIBILITY: always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached LOG: n/a ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: n/a
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