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  1. Hi Volin, in the future we will definitely make use of these ranks, we need to discuss exactly where though. Might be a system like before, might not. Only the future knows
  2. `These changes will be live soon on the live game server, so keep an eye on our Discord announcements!` The server has been updated with this patch
  3. The API still works, although is not update with any changes we have done (which aren't many regardless, since none of the balance changes for example are live yet). That being said, I believe only the Cards work correctly. We might in the future update this and the cardbase too.
  4. Could you please be more specific about whether this happens to only campaign or rPvE matches? I see in your logs you are using OneDrive and that it is having issues reading the rPvE map generated stored there. OneDrive is known to cause issues.
  5. I will just mention this here for the people in this discussion.
  6. Thanks, I indeed noticed the sounds are missing too when starting a match. I will move this to client-sided however, as this belongs there.
  7. Considering this is a client-side bug, I will move it to the appropriate section.
  8. I believe it is as well. Like Zyna mentioned, some quests still have some hidden conditions which aren't mentioned in the UI. This will be added in a future update, so this should remove completely any confusion about possibly not completing a quest (even though it should have, from the perspective of the player). I'll move this to resolved, as I truly think it is fixed and that currently any case of this is happening is because the hidden conditions prevent it.
  9. Correct, the lost green affinity lost wanderer regenerates shield hitpoints, not health hitpoints. This is indeed another "bug". The issue is that the unit needs to be doing nothing for a few seconds for it to regenerate health, but that lost wanderer is constantly trying to give shield to allies which means he is never "standing still". This means he also almost never heals if not alone Will move this thread to resolved though, as the original report seems to be a misunderstanding.
  10. Thanks for the report, moved it to client sided section.
  11. I moved this thread to technical support. Also, please be more specific about what happens exactly. Have you tried following the steps ?
  12. Thank you for the detailed bug report. I have looked at the logs (and the screenshots, which were particularly helpful) and your current BFP and XP in the database and concluded that you did receive the gold and XP, but for some reason the client does not display it. Note for myself: it seems that you received the MatchFinishedNotification with the rewards after you were already in the postgame screen.
  13. We have always made it clear that we are in a testing phase and that there would be definitely one reset on release. We also told people to not play if you would be disappointed or frustrated if you lose progress. At the end it was your decision to still play the game, so there is not much we can do about your situtation. That being said, there will be card balance changes (like there are now) and new cards (mostly for existing PvE units) probably not too long after the release. There will also be more community challenges, and possibly maps if we can find someone willing to properly learn map making and helping the project out officially.
  14. Thanks for the reports, I merged them considering they are very likely the same. That being said, please follow the bug template next time you write a bug report @RD125632 and @macabi. Especially macabi, since this is not the first time I ask you to do this (but you still seem to not follow this rule). It can be found here:
  15. Has anyone been experiencing this specific error (as seen in the screenshot above)? Would be nice to receive more logs if this still happens.
  16. Considering the lack of reports and that I might have fixed it, I will move this to resolved. Make a new thread if it happens again please.
  17. There is not. The average value is 446.85BFP if we really want to be specific (which is, like you said, slightly lower than the booster price).
  18. Considering the lack of responses, I will consider this fixed. Open a new thread if it still happens.
  19. Which is what I already did. And using the data from the whole player base I have calculated and concluded that a 450BFP booster gives on average 450BFP worth in cards.
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