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  1. Hey, The game closed down in the middle of a RPVE run. It is not easily reproducable since at seemingly random times, it will exit the game without error popup. This only happens while playing a map. I've inspected the log.txt myself but it doesnt really provide any usefull information. I found some info that might help in the Windows Event Viewer. Crashevents.evtx log.txt
  2. i did try that before. But i got notified by another ingame error message that is was impossible when dragging the cards into the AH box. The cards i tryed to trade were no starter cards i checked that ;). Yesterday however i logged in and was able to add cards to mu auction list again, including cards i already tried and new ones. It seems to have been fixed now for some reason. i have seen other players complain about this in trade chat before. If you need any more information i will be happy to provide what i can but for now this is fixed for me.
  3. I have not encountered this before. It happend 1 day before the most recent maintenance server downtime. During that time i had auctions up. Maybe that caused the problem?
  4. Hey Community, Lately i have been selling cards on the auction house. I've hit the maximum auctions cap several times. However 2 days ago i stopped being able to add any auctions. Currently i have 0 cards in the auction house and am still getting the maximum auctions allowed message. i could not find this issue anywhere on the known bug list or on the forum. Does anyone have the same problem and does someone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  5. NAME: Game crash on creating a second campaign match with the same party. SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: PvE 2 player mission lobby (crusade) SCREENSHOT: See attachment REPRODUCIBILITY: -> Creating a match for the same map without changing to a different lobby or party procs the error. - Rematching singleplayer maps works fine. - Changing map lobbies with the same party works fine. - Staying in the same lobby recreating the party works fine. DESCRIPTION: I hosted a succesful crusade standard lobby and wanted to do another game of crusade since the upgrade didn't drop. When clicking the create match without switching lobbies or creating a new party the game crashed and showed the attached message. Might be related to:
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