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  1. The only achievement that we have now grants only BFP.
  2. A possible fix for this issue is now on the server, let us know if it happens again.
  3. In discord in battleforge-talk https://discordapp.com/channels/173414671678832640/487395311422144512/761745552118644758
  4. Thanks for the report. This issue seems to have been caused by our update yesterday. We will have a look.
  5. Yes, this is intended. It may seem like a big reduction, but this is only one part of the formula. We will be adding many more quests and achievements soon, this achievement was already "balanced" with the still-to-add achievements in mind. So if you think it suddenly rewards less, I encourage you to wait for our quests/achievements update.
  6. Theoretically speaking, you can get a booster after 45 minutes of gameplay + 2 quests. Depending on how strategic/lucky you are, you can complete this in less than one hour for sure. Besides achievements that help the progress in the beginning (and throughout your progression), we are not necessarily planning on handing out multiple boosters a day, no.
  7. Earning real money is a little trickier than usual. It will very likely never have any ingame transactions.
  8. You can earn promos from boosters. They currently have a 0.5% to drop from the top-left card in a booster.
  9. It usually is a good idea to include the name of the person that is banned, or else we cannot do anything...
  10. I have not put much thought into what solutions exactly yet. This will come up in the future though. It is not a goal as of now because the game has not released yet. We have mentioned numerous times that once we release, we will actively try to promote the game. Whether this will or will not bring players is left to be seen.
  11. I understood what you mean, and in my opinion it is unnecessarily complex and I can also see players finding it to be confusing. And to some degree you are adding a limit to the number of cards owned, since you can't have more than 4+ of each by just trading. So I still prefer to change the marketplace (add any limits there) than to add limits to your inventory. But feel free to maybe start a "how to decrease players buying all cards and selling expensive on marketplace" suggestion thread.
  12. Thanks, how confident are you about this fix? Will also move this to client side for now.
  13. A daily quest based on selling cards will not be added. Anyone who has a tight inventory with only cards they use will be forced to sell cards purely for this quest, which sounds like a horrible idea to me. And no, simply rerolling that quest should not be the solution to this problem. I personally don't like the idea of having so many different limits everywhere (limit on number of cards owned, limit on number of cards sent etc.). I would much rather change the marketplace to alleviate this problem.
  14. Interesting. Thanks for the report, will move this to client side section.
  15. Considering I believe this is fixed and the lack of responses, I will move this to resolved.
  16. Will move this to client side.
  17. Thanks for the report and possible solution. Will move it to client side.
  18. Ladadoos


    @Matick Number 6 of
  19. Yes. All cards, bfp, gold etc.
  20. I kept it purposely vague because what exactly we are doing is not decided yet. The point being, the players will have some information about the pricing of a card, enough to tell whether or not a card is worth to buy or not.
  21. We will likely incrementally make some changes to alleviate (but likely not completely get rid) of market manipulators. A likely first step will be to add information about the prices of cards ingame, so people can decide whether or not to buy the card.
  22. Ladadoos

    BF Points

    There is currently no way to see this.
  23. Zyna is specifically talking about Valorant Anti-Cheat, not the game itself.
  24. I believe the old system simply gave a player XP at the end of each month depending on what position he was in on the leaderboards. This XP is what allowed the player to get these speedrun ranks, as you can't get these ranks by playing normally (since you don't get XP if you're max rank, excluding these speedrun ranks).
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