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    3 - Cheesing a mission

    NAME: Skipping a whole mission SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: campaign mission : The soultree ( lyrish reaches ) REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Near the end of the mission and probaly the hardest part of the mission is that you need to clear out a complete camp in order to get the 5th monument in order to complete it . but by simply using the amii monument you don't need to clear to whole camp and the mission becomes a simple waiting game instead of trying to defeat the enemy camp. SCREENSHOT: / ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: no screenshots of this because the ones i have are really pixelated and not visible but i think this is very obvious.
  2. Hey so a friend of mine got me into the game and learned me the basics and helped me out with my deck. and now i've made my own deck and would like to know what you guys think about it and what i should change. It's a full fire deck ( minus 2 legends ) T1 : Nomads Green , Mine , Fire , Sunstriders T2 : Ravage , scythe fiends , Rallying banner , enforcer , skyfire drake , firedancer T3 : Juggernaut , Amii monument , Mo , spitfire T4 : Batariel Red , Batariel Purple , Moloch , Fireworm , fire dragon , cluster explosion , magma fiend HOW I START : i place down 1-3 Nomads and place a mine to bait out enemy troops and i repeat this until i find my second orb. when i get my second orb i make an army mostly out of enforcers , fire dancers , skyfire drake and get my third orb. when i get my third orb i wait until i can rush amii monument and get my fourth orb easily and proceed to clear all camps with my T4 units and provide them with enough tankiness from my T3 units and to easily clear out enemy camps with spitfire?

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