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  1. just got a lost connection issue, i was in the forge creating a new deck. here's the log as requested ^^ _log_proxy_latest.log
  2. question 1 : ok no problem ^^ question 2 : hell no =) thanks for your response
  3. hi ^^ Ladadoos sees everything and knows a lot ^^ it sure is a script bug , but i wanted to let the dev know to improve the game, and if they can fix it , it will not happen to others i'm investigating on my side , to see what is happening with the lost connection issue. have a good day
  4. NAME: QueekQueek Crash Ocean DESCRIPTION: I was finishing the map Ocean, i used all the teleport and was on my way to Mo from the last teleport, queekqueek began to speak and the game crashed on a white screen with a popup in windows (see screenshot) REPRODUCIBILITY: i will try again now , i'll edit my post in 20 mins -> tried again , all went ok SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached LOG: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: before the last two updates, everything was ok. and since 3-4 days, i keep having lost connection to client and now this crash today. Thank you for your time and your work. DeleriuM _log_proxy_latest.log
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