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  1. Special Effect Editor


    This is an open-source task. We would love the help of the community! 

    In order to alter or add new special effects to Skylords reborn we use our Special Effect editor. Developers can contribute to the codebase by adding new features or solving bugs, and players can contribute by using the tool and providing feedback and feature suggestions. 

    Click on the button below to read more about the tool. And maybe in the future your changes and special effects will be implemented into the tool or game!

    shield.gif            lost_shade.gif



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  2. Hotfix - 06 June 2022


    • Fixed game crashes caused by damage abilities like Cluster Explosion.
    • Fixed empty deck slots preventing progression in some of the new achievements.
    • Fixed unobtainable orb on the map "Behind Enemy Lines" in the northwest.
    • Fixed occasional errors in the reforging system, which occurred when reforging the last remaining copies of the same card.
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  3. 7 minutes ago, Reverend830 said:

    Wow those dragons look awesome - cant wait to play them :hypetrain::hype::hype:

    I also think the additional achievments are a great idea - they will be also available for people who are already playing - right?

    Yes, they will be available for everyone. Even if you have already completed all of the maps for example, you will be asked to do it again (for example for mana wing promo).

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  4. Small postpatch update that adds upgrades from our newest cards to campaign maps is now also live:
    - Banzai Lord (Green) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Mo.
    - Coat of Protection (Blue) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Empire.
    - Amii Paladins on all difficulties to Nightmare's End.
    - Bandit Minefield on all difficulties to Slave Master.
    - Bandit Sniper on all difficulties to Raven's End.

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