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  1. Frosty2011


    I am definitely against multi accounting as this can be easily abused in every way possible and knowing some amazing diggers these days that tend to try hard in order finding a way to do so.
  2. Frosty2011

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Happy late birthday?
  3. Frosty2011

    When is your Birthday?

  4. Frosty2011

    Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak

    This is fantastic to hear!
  5. Frosty2011

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    Can't wait!
  6. Frosty2011

    Past Broadcast (05/09/2015)

    Thank you for this. In further information.
  7. Frosty2011

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there and welcome to the BattleForgeReborn community I hope you enjoy your self!
  8. Frosty2011

    BattleForge Reborn - Podcast #1 With Dexirian !

    This is tremendous to hear good job!
  9. Frosty2011

    Speedrun links

    I gotta agree these community challenges are amazing so are these speed runs!
  10. Frosty2011

    What will become of the balance?

    With the balance I'm going with it will end up like a free earning currency with completing quests and logging As well earning through PvP and PvN.
  11. Frosty2011

    Say something about the person above you.

    I'm heating stuff up in here. >.>
  12. Frosty2011

    Say something about the person above you.

    "I'm to hot for you"
  13. Frosty2011


    Wish granted but then you accidentally drank a non sleeping antidote. You think wait what that's in reverse. zzZZZ I wish that I was Frosty the snow man.
  14. Frosty2011

    BattleForge Reborn - DevLog #1

    Nice work.

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