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  1. I welcome changes that add diversity, challenge and quality of life to this game. I am very fond of adding optional bosses to maps like crusade and PTD and I would also welcome additional game modes. In fact there is a lot of good in this document. Keep up the good work!!! Now to the dirty part: I AM VERY ALARMED by the huge amount of changes specifically targeting speedruns. To me the point of speedrunning is to find a way to navigate an obstacle course in ways that were not intended. For example the suggested change to move the Nightmares End p2 orb further away from the shrine will hav
  2. I really hope this game stays authentic to the EA original. These proposed changes scare me and I truly hope they don't make it into release.
  3. There are a couple things I have found to cause that. In the case of that video it is a squad of S units being knocked apart. Clicking between these units still targets the squad. The more common and frustrating one I've encountered is when one of the units you have selected is being mind controlled (by a twilight mindweaver) In that case you always get the attack icon when controlling the entire group. Removing the mind controlled unit from your selection resolves this.
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