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  1. Excited to try the new map! New update looking good as always!
  2. Twilight finally getting the love it deserves in the transformation buffs is one of the biggest things I've been wanting since I first saw the mechanic haha. Awesome new cards and changes, really feels like all the nooks and crannies of Battleforge are being cleaned up thoroughly! Absolutely love it all!
  3. Toning down the top strategies without making them unviable is a great philosophy. I'm glad you guys finally came to a point you can agree on, and I'm excited to see what the changes are!
  4. Hybrid Orbs are really exciting! Definitely opens up a whole new world in terms of color balancing for cards!
  5. Very much like the proposed changes to towers. A lot of towers need some love!
  6. This feels like a scam.
  7. I think the topic is being overblown to a large degree. Nocap, did anyone ACTUALLY use either card at all? Is anyone actually nostalgic for them to any degree? If I had to choose with whether I agree or disagree with the change, I'd go with agree, because I'd rather not worry about the image bothering anybody at all. @Fimion If you feel like "wokeness" is going to ruin Battleforge, what do you actually mean? I quite dislike the term, because it tends to be used in a way that undermines the important aspects to the movement that haven't been commercialized for profit. What about the image
  8. There is a difference between settling with a working strategy, or using the strategy that is fun for you. If all the cards you enjoy playing or want to play with are locked behind either a lottery system or an extremely high grind wall, then that will detract from the experience overall for new players. I don't really think we have the luxury of that for the most part either, being a niche game and all.
  9. So you're saying you liked shamans going for 800+ bfp? I'm being a little shit for that statement haha, but I just like how this let's people gather more of a collection potentially faster while letting people with much fuller collections have something to do. Also, there are still pretty large gaps between useful cards and not useful card, but I'm sure it can be tweeked a little bit to have rares and mythics still be a bit... rarer? As is, I love the mechanic, plus I love more lottery-esque stuff that really gives me that rush of adrenaline.
  10. Why does it nullify the system? I for one really enjoy the aspect of being able to get rid of all my extra commons laying about catching dust. Idk if you thought you get to CHOOSE what you want, but it's a tiny random lottery that seems very fair so far with my testing.
  11. Absolutely amazing new patch! I'm actually speechless, so many things people have been eagerly waiting for have finally come! Definitely going to hop back on and try everything out!
  12. Excellent as per usual, and new support for the underwhelming archetypes is always exciting! I can already see Bandit Minefield helping bandit t2 in rpve by a bunch!
  13. Oh! I didn't realize. I might actually apply then.
  14. Amazing new card! Getting all this tier 4 support for archetypes that seemed to be lagging behind in power level is really exciting. I especially can't wait until any potential new campaigns come out to be able to try them on. As for the name of the card new card: Name: Wasteland Scourge Ability: Tainted/Infused Cleanse The ability honestly sounds fine, as it's better to name them something familiar. Otherwise, I think the word Scourge better conveys that this monster is the apex of it's surroundings, rather than naming it Wasteland Wing, which rather sounds like
  15. Well, my profile pic says everything. Incubator just seemed so useless, but I did actually try it in pvp for a little bit. It, uh... did win me a game or two. Out of like the 10 times I tried it haha. Either way, I liked to meme around with it from time to time.
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