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  1. Just to make clear. My suggestion not need 2 monuments at once. You just play a "normal" monocolored t1 unit with a requirement. (have a t2 bandit card in your deck) I see the problem is the units must be at least the same viable as the normal t1 metacards or you woud not play them at all. If they stronger they will completely substitute the normal t1 cards. To Balance would be too hard.
  2. It would be for example a fire unit that requires a t2 bandit card in your deck as a requirement to be played. You could play it together with normal t1 fire cards. Everything just theory. This would be hard to balance and would have high impact on the meta. Kind Regards
  3. In fact i don't like this too. No matter what fraction u play t1 u play pure. Let's theory this. The only way I can imagine to realize this is that there is some kind of check, for you have at least one t2 bandit unit in your deck, then it will allow you to play a bandit t1 unit. The check could either be in deckbuilding., not allowing you to put the card in your deck or in game not allowing you to play that card. This would be a complete new mechanic to the game and I guess hard to impossible to realize. No need to say this is no priority. Kind Regards
  4. Wb I remember you . ^^ Balancing ignored it sounds like fresh idea and u put some effort.But it's gonna be a long road before think of new cards are added to the game. Anyway the forum can need any kind of activity Imo. Kind Regards
  5. U would beat me too if I have 120 deck and u play only icebarriers. ?
  6. I feel I got real close with my % numbers for its pure guess. But Thx for tell me the exact numbers it's interesting. 50 players I meant all those who are in a pvp game and those who are searching for a pvp game at the same time. But the conclusion is the same. I hope there will come lots of new players though. Maybe if some event got streamed it will draw attention. Could u take some of the patreon money to make a Tournament with real price money after release? Anyway interesting how much attention to Bf reborn will EA tolerate. I think if reborn has 20000 players it's no pro
  7. I want make a general important note. Not make quests like. "finish a mission" Cause then map like Soultree what is short is more efficient then others. Omg I played Soultree allready too often. Quests should be possible to finish on as manny maps and communitymaps as possible. F. E. "Play card" x" 30 times" "make 100000 damage with spells" Kind Regards
  8. Since I have no access to the game atm an I m bored, I say my opinion on this. Plus some future thoughts. There are different type of players, as stated before in another post. Collectors will stop play after they collected all there is to collect. (All cards and maybe play through campaign). It may be after 3 month or 1 year. Most of the old players back in the days were collectors. I guess 80 %. Now is the reborn project I guess 90 % of who plays now is hardcore Bf Fan and a veteran from back in the days. So atm collectors maybe only 10 %. Pvp players will play as long as i
  9. Thx @Kubik nice to hear. For me that 0,5 % u can edit allready feels like 80% if it includes card changes. No more questions for now from my side. I can't imagine what the other 99,5% could be. Turn Bf into a shooter? Or Bf meets street fighter? Just foolin around here... All I wish for Bf server is stable all cards that are in the game are somehow viable and balanced and featured community maps with loot (more pve content). Since beginning of stress test you improved the game allready a lot. Kind regards
  10. First of all thx again for your awesome work bringing bf back and allready improoving it. OK now I'm curious. Any information about what is part of that 1 % u can edit now woud be interesting. Not in detail like patchnotes just gereral. I know the updates moved to discord only, but I think more of a summary . For example "... Is not priority now" (change cards) as stated often for me sounds like we could. Or is it, we maybe can in the future, or we have no idea if its ever possible. And if u willing to answer you shoud consider make an extra Topic for this and stick it. I
  11. Nice work. Pls expand. This should be moved to "new player help and guides" or "deck building and color strategys" and made sticky.
  12. I know it's not priority anyway I wanted to share the suggestion allready. Thx for the reply @Kubik. I had no insight what is possible for u and what not without Sourcecode. And I think I ll really little bit play around and get familiar with the random map generator more. Generate some maps and make a best of ramdom zip or something. Cause u need 4 pl to allready have the maps installed to play a 4 pl community map. @Treim I thought it was 10 but didn't remember 100% clear. I also think they changed rpve more then one time. I also remember the times when u came i
  13. Hi, I try make it short. If needed I'll explain more what I mean. I feel the rpve could be more random or varied. Rpve gets verry repetetive after some games. IMHO the biggest impact to the gameplay there is now in rpve is what fraction the enemy is (lost souls are imba, but that's OK) and what bosses are on the map. The structure of the ways is always verry similar. For example in 4 Pl. Rpve level 9 player 1 +2 in 98% of the games come together at t3. Now in 4 Pl rpve l10 the split is mostly direct after t1. I remember a time when the structure of level 10 was different th
  14. To make clear. Somebody else sayd "learn to play before u make a post like this" I just quoted and added a lol. I didn't make that clear enough. I say "What u say is wrong" referred to the statement its useless card. It's nearly always useful unless u can't find a free slot for it. Cause u at least save bound Energy. With "What have you ever done for the community?" I want make clear that I plan exactly the opposite of destroy the game balance. But the level designer point of view keeps being ignored from most of the people. Never the less I apologize for the l
  15. Man whats wrong with you. What u say about amii monument is your opinion ok but you say i m not allowed to write Kind regards is just redicolous. I suggested to nerf a card. For you that is negative, and forbids me to say Kind regards. What have you ever done for the community? I made about 10 communitymaps. You can play my maps with amii but not think its balanced for that. All my balance test i would never use amii. Kind regards ( Its a term of politeness)
  16. "blame the game not the player" is a common term for a reason. Np say your oppinion but not blame others for say theirs. Kind regards
  17. Is this allready offencive. I´d say yes. "learn to play" lol. And what u say is just wrong. Just read the posts before then u learn something. Kind regards
  18. Emmaerzeh

    range test map

    Hi, on the way to my next pve map i made a map to test ranges of unit attacks unit abilitys and spells. Enjoy Kind regards here a screenshot
  19. Official maps were not done alone. F.e. there is a "Level designer" and a "level artist". I try build up a community to play and create maps , not one specific map i just now plan. In fact i atm work on a new map. The Idea is u fight only against dragon and bird type units (there are a lot) , worktitle is "dragon hunt". I allready invested about 5 hours. I want do maps like i allready did before ( Stumpland 1-8) . Check them out. I just created a discord server for this community. And its not like u "sign up" to a contract. You join a new personal contact
  20. Emmaerzeh

    Kaldra's Funmaps

    i found it out by myself its battlearena.
  21. hi , i try to get "battlearena " running its a nice funny map. I try pak it new but ingame i cant see it. anybody suggestions? pls get it running its good. Kind regards
  22. Emmaerzeh

    Kaldra's Funmaps

    hi, i remember 2 guys made a awesome upgrade on your map "random unit". You remember the name of the Upgrade map and do you have it?
  23. Hi there Battleforge nerds^^, i remembered when BF was hosted by Phenomic they released some videos of the pruduction process. I like the video most of the Audio director. He f.e. showes how they made the sound for "energy paracite". And u see the orchester play the theme melodys. Unfortunately the interview is in german but i think even somebody not understand will understand what he is explaining through pictures. There is also a video of the Leveldesigner, Artist und Animator, Creative Director. Any of you, who dont know the videos its worth a quick look.
  24. Hi, somebody want help me on doing Maps? I can also use somebody who not have experience to just place some dekoration on the Map. U have free time and are motivated is the only skill requirement. I teach u the rest. Discord or skype would be good for communication. Make Map together is more fun then alone. Map making includes : Draw concept sketches , Textures , Map heights , Place Units and buildings , Dekoration , Scripts , Blocking areas , balancing .... I also allways search for people just to play my maps. Pm me Kind Regards
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