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  1. No worries :)

    Yeah, I know players like @RadicalX have already commented in general. I'll ask again when I'm finished, but I don't really know who to ask for things like the deck evolution part. I think people like xHighTech or Hirooo have had their decks so long they maybe don't remember what they started with as a noob, and what changes they made that helped fix it.


    How to learn that skills?

    replay-analyses + analyse your mistakes &  good moves + practise.


    Thats everything.


    The behaviour of certain high rank players indeed makes me feel like a proper balancing discussion with them is not possible. They just claim their standpoint to be correct and if you disagree you clearly are just "not at their lvl" even though the points you have made were perfectly valid. I would not want to trust them with balancing in any way, but selecting the right players for the job is difficult as well. On one hand they need to have proper insight into the faction which is beeing buffed/nerfed/reworked, but on the other hand they must not be biased to a point where they just disagree with other players without making proper arguments (not wanting to nerf their own factions even though they know it is justified, trying to nerf everything they do not have a counter for in their deck just because they do not want to spend a deckslot for situational cards etc. etc.). Should a balancing team be made, i trust in the ability of the devs to pick the proper players and have the final say in the changes which get implemented. So far the dev team has made very resonable choices regarding the project and i doubt they would mess this up in any major way.

    <Content Removed>

    [NOTE by MrXLink: Please post in English]

  3. - ok

    - i was talking only about 2 cards that are little bit too strong in relation to NOT OP like every second card in this topic.. Do you think that was my clearly balancing opinion about battleforge pvp? i think radical is far from others the only player that you can take serious if you need a good advice & info.

    If you take madmic srsly then you can take everything srsly here but i think you do it anyway so i dont care about rank stack if the game should come out.

    - Because bandits is absolut underrated. Remember some years ago(around 6-7) where many players in top 20 played bandits sometimes or mainly. (No broken updates for bandits after everyone went inactive).

    Im happy that no one played bandits in the last years because i dont know anyone exept hiroo who was able to play the T1 that you need. AND THAT DONT MEANS that bandit is UP because you need skill wtf. BF PvP = Ego Shooter Weapon balance system. But ye, i think here is the point where no one is thinking about but anyway i write it. High rank is not the same like it was - exept the first ranks.

    -You'll understand it when you get older should mean-> youll understand it when you get better. And i think that sentence is enough to do a good thing for such threads.


    I dont think that i stop it because there is no reason for, you advocate of truth.


    I dont care about something like this because its like i said "a never ending story". 


    -Even if the game is statistically balanced. You guys would find 100 tons of things that should be nerfed-

  4. i've seen respected highranks having totally different opinions about balancing (wich means some of them are wrong from the start), i've yet to hear one highrank say something about bandits being UP

    What is your opinion of highrank? Fury ?

    Im 95.843% sure that high ranks dont have different balancing wishes but you all cant understand that 99% of your balancing suggestions are useless because your not able to destroy situations/counter a better play and the fact should be its "OP".

    That are 2 different shoes.

    There still 3-5 cards that can be reworked a little bit. Thats for sure but all in one the game was balanced and there was no instant loss.

    The better player was able to win every single match against a player under his niveau. (exept on wazhai & some stupid unsymmetrical rndm generated 'maps ;D)

    Do you know the sentence "You'll understand it when you get older." ? Its clearly the same here w/ to get better.

    - Tunnel vision -


    MaranV is the best example that high rank player can give stupid balancing suggestions too. 

    He never played outside of his Stonekin. Thats why he never understood some mechanics, stack at lower rank for the real high ranks in PvP and was not able to beat players with a demigod-prime rank.


    @RadicalX What do you think about that splitted "skill" community downwards demigod?(Last 2 years) I think you know what i mean with the different niveau. Would be interesting.


  5. - Comet Catcher  op with enlightement

    - Nomads are op if they are in a group of 10+ other nomdas

    - Spellblock wtf. I was able to block every enemy worldbreaker gun. Thats the key card against frost with fire !

    - Void Maw 100 mana for an instant kill. should be nerfed

    - Regrowth healed too much !

    - Mana Wing !!! T1 air unit? Op with 5 other mana wings !!

    - Death glider. 60 mana for air unit? wtf !

    - Tunnel .. i dont think that i need to talk about tunnel. Crearly OP it should be much more expensive.



    Did anyone of you played a ego shooter before?

    There is a reason why they are different stats at Pistols, MP's, AR's.

    Its like that you say "MP is up because i cant kill anyone in 1000km" or "AR is UP because MP is stronger in a closer range".


  6. That was MaranV. And he was a prime.

    If you go to 25:44 on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAN0YBg-IBU , FarRock is viewing the ranking list right before the game closes.

    Wow. Thanks for the video.

    At the point where we left he was emperor and sage for all the time of battleforge^^


    //Edit Yea, that ranking list is a funny joke^^ Legend players in top 20, old hero player in top 5. A player that i and other high ranked players never lost against is prime. I dont think anyone should care about that ranking.

    But that means im not the last prime grr. but i had more Elo then MaranV :D

  7.  #dreamworld

    Hm well i wasn't realy active during the last months of BaFo, but if i remember correctly, focsing on the last days, PvP got rather easy because there were not many good players to be matched with anymore...

    yea because we recognized that bf gets closed.

    There was no reason to invest time into this game anymore.

    I dont know who hold the #1 after i went inactive but im sure that this person was not demi god or prime.


    good to know that somebody wants to play bandits.. i was in rank 7# in game i think when i played bandits.. i think most of the players knows me like the someone that played LS..

    i played t1 shadow and were good with it^^ more then good i think.. i won any player in t1 anyone but cdkillroy.. need to win him haha^^

    maybe im an exeption but i had to laugh like a 3 years old kid about your self praise, come down because my t1 replay pack says other things :D

    i dont know how you played against nature/frost & mirror t1 but your shadow & fire t1 against fire t1 was not really good my bunny ;)

    Anyway your T1 was not bad and i think good enough for bandits too, but it was very nervous and sometimes unfocused in our matches and what i saw in spectator mode.

    #matmicback #lossofreality #Silverdragon

  9. @xHighTech agree, ecepted in 2v2. Well curse is a guaranted well down and still safe.

    In 2on2 there are other situations for cliffdancers & support so there is no way to compare 1vs1 & 2vs2.


    Hey! That's exactly what I recommended doing a long time ago . . . why did no one listen to me?


    You're totally talking about mountaineer and shield building. I think making mountaineer pure frost would make him a bit unusable, because who needs mountaineer and war eagle? And what would fire-frost do? Fire-frost is the real deck that the mountaineer comes into play. I think it should be changed to a fire-frost card (nice symmetry with one fire-frost and one shad-nat). This prevents LS or stonekin lames with mounty, while keeping it for the faction is it most useful in.

    Shield building should definitely not be usable with church of negation. Making it require 2 frost orbs would probably fix the problem.

    @Eirias Wow. I wrote that i dont name any cards because i dont want to open a new discussion and what are you doing?

    Sometimes im very ashamed about people like you. You only read what you want to read and not the rest of a text - church of negation is the same like reaver spam & do perm heal. (Link below)

    i'll dont comment your discussion but there is a directly answer to your question in your post.



    I hope that you guys understand right now why many "high ranked" players dont comment those threads because it makes no scense and only a few people are reading posts completely.

    i tried it but it seems to be a never ending story.

    Im out

    > Final statement <.

    Questions ? -> PM



  10. I would like to know your and HighTechs standpoint when it comes to bandits in the current state of balance. Because it wasn't mentioned but obvious even to non-primes that bandits is really unplayable if you want to reach the top spot with other equally skilled players around. Also curse well in a frost splash - what's the counterplay to that card on equal power ?

    equal power = opponents curse well = advantage for you in THAT moment = bundle your power into units and use your advantage to destroy some of your opponents wells/monuments in the next few minutes.

    Should be possible on "equal power".


    Bandits and Amii are very challenging.

    Its important to get an advantage in T1 to controll the match with your aggressive T2.

    You have to determine the speed of play. Defense isn't an option.

    Efficient pressure is the key ! Use your early advantage to get a higher one.

    Bandits is awesome and funny to play but only playable with great T1 skills. Thats my opinion.


    i appreciate my victory against hiroo on eylon w/ bandits. :P

  11. well actualy you are right Hightech, there shouldn't be any fast nerfing/buffing of cards, there was a quite nice balance in BaFo PvP and Cliffsdancing isn't that big of an issue, allthough there were some frustrating moments connected to it, but ok, it mostly happens after you do mistakes yourself. But what i would be interested in: What do you (or other high ranked PvPers) think about the predominance of Shadow/Frost in PvP? We had this discussion for years if i remember correctly.. ^^ And concerning some other cards: Is it all in balance as it was? What about cards like Tree Spirits, Aura, Church of Negation? Do you think there are cards where a nerf would be appropriate or should it realy all stay as it was? Realy just interested in your opinion here.


    And people WILL talk about balancing anyways.. so it is important that guys like you, who have a deeper understanding of PvP Mechanics, share their thoughts and wisdom, to lead such discussions into the right direction.

    i appreciate your comment.

    Back to your question ->.

    I think @RadicalX and @Anonymos are the players who can give you the best possible answers.

    gonna hold my opinion in my head because i dont want to open a new discussion but i only see 2 frost splash cards(T2 unit - T3 spell) that should be changed for many reasons for an absolute balanced PvP. Its not a MUST and i would be happy to play the game again - with the last meta.

    Maybe you've already recognized the cards.


    The problem is, that you need a lot of experience to win against a "good" LS player. Thats why many players are talking about LS OP like Firedancer = OP because they are not able to handle the situations correctly to get an advantage and the more important thing -> TO USE ANY KIND OF ADVANTAGE

    Many players sent me replays to analyse them and this aspect was something that i saw in every second replay.

    And thats the key in PvP

    - micromanagement

    - understand advantage/disadvantage

    - What to do with any kind of advantage 

    Deck knowledges

    - knowledge about how to attack/defend with/without advantage/disadvantage with the deck ur playing.

    - How to play against color XXX. Which combination of cards against XXX to get any kind of advantage/success

    - How to provocate mistakes of your opponents to get any kind of advantage


    "Sry for digress"

  12. @xHighTech It is true that cliffdancing is avoidable and not that much of an issue in high level play. I entriely agree that it is avoidable and that pure fire is in a relatively fine state right now.

    I do however remember very well what it felt like when i wasn't good myself. At lower elo, you just don't have the skill to avoid cliffdancing and the real issue is that the fire player needs less skill to properly execute cliffdancing than the oponent needs to properly counterplay it. When i was in mid-high gold elo, everyone and their mother was playing cliffdancer and it was really frustrating to deal with. In this elo range, players were able to execute cliffing, but not able to counterplay it.

    @LagOps Where will it end if you nerf cards because "you dont have the knowledge/skill to counter them or if you only cant play pvp correctly?"

    Frustration also comes up if you loose against reaver spam and Do perm heal. How can that happend? Missplays of myself.

    But many people only see the "opponent played op cards" aspect. Thats wrong and i understand that player at a lower elo dont understand the correct system of bf pvp but

    I think those people are not in the position the talk about nerfs/buffs

  13. Before you are talking about cliffdancer, think about your knowledge about map controll and mapspots.

    Its possible to REACT.

    I know that many players flamed ingame about cliffdancers but last but not least it was their fault - wrong taken wells - disadvantage - bad map controll - no presure - wrong counter plays or something else = They played wrong against pure fire but many many many players only see the Firedancer. (Firedancer(70), Banner(50) btw

    Have you guys noticed this aspects after you won/lost ? I dont think so !

    In this case if anyone has a disadvantage its doesnt matter what the opponent plays. cliffdancer in combination with other units - reaver(LS) - do(NN) spam. Would be a loose anyway because the disadvantage.


    There are some stupid (rndm-)maps where cliffdancers can really decides matches but those maps are very rare.

    i wanna see some youtube replays where a pure fire player only won because of cliffdancers.


    But at last i dont understand why your talking about balancing.

    I think and HOPE that they dont edit cards !

    If they would change the stats of the cards that you guys commented in this forum - pvp would die in 2-3 days.

    And if they should change some broken cards in pvp it would be Mountaineer to 2x frost ;)





    Pure fire : If we dont count cdkillroy. I would say drakonz. If we count performance in 1v1 and 2v2, then bubbaloo. I can even name lineQ, darkravenCZ or schokopeace that perform better in my opinion.

    Let the flame begin. NomNom

    I dont think that any of this players are able to take the title "best pure fire player" if i was able to beat them every single time in a pure fire mirror.

    They are maybe one of the strongest pure fire players but definitly not the bests.

    cDKiLLrOy played the best pure fire and fire t1 in the "last years" of BF with distance - before he started to play pure shadow.

    In this position hiroo would take the title as best s/f player in the last years.

    RadicalX stays an old but gold player with good skills and great understandings for every combination of colours

    if we think a bit further back then DragonDave would take the title "most successful pure frost player" and Obesity w/ F/N and maybe S/N


    Thats my optinion and a fact in my eyes.

    Everyone has his own opinion and i respect it.



  15. Everyone should be happy skilled players help new players with one of the most used T1 color (fire). I hope you can comprehend now :P. By the way, I agree with that statement.

    i meant another aspect in his post.

    I thought about switching my fire nature to shadow nature... So what I would really need is a good shadow t1 guide :P Any shadow pros willing to make one? :3 


    Well I main nature in t1, so anyone willing to make a nature t1 tutorial?

    I would respect it if you can choose any other thread for posts that are outside of this thread theme.

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