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  1. lol what does it says? i won u severl times dude.. my shadow t1 against fire t1 was not really good? hah as i remmber i had more then half games that i played in game vs fire.. i had a good score as i remmber and it seems to be from the matches vs fire.. if i was not really good vs fire how do u explain that i won most of the games vs pure fire or F/N? only with t2 mountneer? i dont think so^^ about the spectator mode.. i dont rly remmber something like that but i remmber that i win.. even in 2v2.. my t1 shadow was pretty good as u remmber silver.. dude i played so much games against u and i dont get that how u can say that my t1 shadow "was not really good"? think about it again and try to focus on the last days... ty
  2. good to know that somebody wants to play bandits.. i was in rank 7# in game i think when i played bandits.. i think most of the players knows me like the someone that played LS.. i played t1 shadow and were good with it^^ more then good i think.. i won any player in t1 anyone but cdkillroy.. need to win him haha^^ but to the point.. i played bandits with t1 shadow and hightech is right.. bandits need to get adv in t1 to get op t2 gameplay.. when u have adv in t2 with bandits u can do what ever u want and u will win.. nothing can stop u and im telling u this cuz i played like 200+ games with it.. if u dont understand im talking to sunwu.. anyone can be good in t1 only need to practice.. i was bad rly bad in the start.. didint know what im doing but then i saw the dmg that the units does or witch unit is better.. when i get that skills i started to win alot of hard matches.. hope that more players in game get that skills too.. when it will happen the game will be much better cuz we will play against 50 or 60 or 70 good players to rank the 20# spot and not against 10 good players and all the others are nothing then ok..
  3. hahahaha first of all... atleast someone can understand me.. no need to cry about cliffdancer need to cry that u played bad and took wrong moves.. about the youtube replays.. there are no replays that can show that someone won only cuz of cliffdancer so u right there is nothing to do with this card or anyother card.. from my point of view the game was good.. nothing to change.. maybe some small changes here and there but nothing big.. about the mountaineer^^ ye i saw that hahaha if we dont need to nerf something like cliffdancer why should we nerf mountaineer? i dont think u right in this point.. cuz if we nerf something the game will be unblanced and it will be lame..
  4. if i will have time for that i could do this.. i can give u a guide for any deck cuz i played all of those decks.. pure nat stonkin bandits pure fire vs pure fire pure shadow LS fire frost.. maybe shadow nature not cuz it was too much but all the others are no prob.. will gald to help to all the new ones here and will gald to make the old players be better players.. much better.. we will talk about ur idea dude glad to know that someone think about help for all the players and not only to himself^^
  5. u allways need to take risks lol... risk its risk u dont know what will happen and u never will be sure to take the risk.. r u saying u need to take bigger risk.. i dont tly think so but ok.. i think u should agree with me cuz maybe i got some more inf then u and i know alot of stuff that can be use to take out cliffdancer.. u can disagree as well everyone got an opinion but again i think its not a thing to cry about its a thing to learn how to counter it.. if u will learn how to counter cliffdancer u will be better player aswell.. u will have much more skills and then u will know what im talking about..
  6. i dont think it only high rank players.. any humen in the world! if u good in something u will say it and not keep it in the dark.. respect fair play lol.. i dont rly know what u mean with respect.. if u had win u respect fair play? o u will say that way u win... if u were good in this game u were know that there is no way to have fair win..
  7. first of all hello^^ now lets start.. didnt take a high amount of skill? u want to say if some noob play with pure fire deck and cliffdancer u cant stop him? i dont think so.. if someone knows how to play and got skills and it needs high skills cuz u got alot of stuff to handel it.. i know what im saying cuz i played so much with or against this deck.. i know this deck like i know LS deck.. u right when u got skills u rly can fuck ur opponent in t1 and got win.. and u rly right when u say it doent work all the time in high elo? and why its not? cuz all the top rank players got op skills.. and knows to counter anything at anytime.. about the adv against rly good players.. if u win u were with adv.. how u took this adv.. (t1,t2,t3,) gameplay and ur calls do the game nothing more.. not ur deck and not ur cards only the player who playing bhind the computer.. if ur opponent use clifdancer u just look at him? no u go to attcak some where else.. maybe u cant def in some maps but u can attcak and force ur opponent to def then u can kill firedancer and take another lead and win.. u know u got alot of stuff to make a adv.. alot of highrank players do some mistakes in game even me and u.. in game u need to take adv on this mistakes and not wait to something else to happen.. u were good player radical i remmber our 2v2 matches and even the 3v3 matches^^ we allways had victorys and lost game.. how we won or how we lost i dont rly remmber but i allways remmber that me and my teammates doing our best to win.. with or without lame.. play and win if u win u having fun!
  8. ahahahahahahah "then stand by your word and play somthing thats not lost souls in ranked for a change" hahahahahahahaah ur so funny guy i can bring u so much games i was playing pure fire bandits even frost fire in ranked.. i was playing and lameing cuz when i lamed it was so fun to see someone lose and cry... someone like u.. u want to tell me i reach to top with only LS deck? comeon... u know u say bullshit so pls stfu.. if i played LS it was vs top rank player like u know i wont remind them right now.. if u want to tell me im good im already knows that so u cant compre u to me.. or u to anyone of the top lvl players.. i remmber u and i remmber ur lame too.. u played anydeck? rly? u played anydeck and lost with any deck.. cuz u was low.. if u played pure fire u had a chance to distroy a powerwell but nothing more.. ur more of a fairplay guy? i rly can give a fuck on that.. u know why? cuz anyone in the game wants to win! if u win u having fun and can say what u want but if u lose u can close ur mouth and try to get more skills to handel better players then u.. ye i was lameing and i loved that cuz i won with that! some guys just saw me with LS deck and just leave the match cuz they know they cant do shit about my playstyle and im prettysure if u were like me and had my game style u were talking like me aswell... about my most fun matchs.. it was t1 and t2.. my t3 was so op that if i had adv u already lost so nothing to talk about that.. i never lost when i had tremor in the map.. about my t1.. if u saw me playing t1 u know im one of the best t1 shadow in game.. not the best cuz u always got some mistakes u r not a robot like cdkillroy that never had mistake with immortaldragon acc.. i get my adc in t1 fight then t2 frost starting get my mounteirs out and then it becoms gg cuz most of the players dont know how to stop that.. its too much to handel two mountiers with homesoil.. nothing can stop that and thats what fun in the game if u got the lead u got win.. but u create the lead! not ur cards and not op crads.. my wins starts in t1 fight.. allways! if u will start have skills u will know what i know.. ty for idiotic stuff.. read and Internalize
  9. maybe it would.. and maybe not.. i dont think so dude..the lame way is the fun way if u want it or not i dont think that if the game will beome balance it will be More fun then it was... i think bafo was perfect game.. if ea was upload a patch every month or something like that this game could have much more then 5000+- players atm.. u know u allways need some new stuff or it will be be boring.. this game is the best game i played and i dont want it to be change if u think it will be more fun if it will be balance so u rly rly wrong..u saying that cuz u lost to lame alot and u didnt know how to win that lame..the lame way was good but not that good u always can lose if u dont have skills so i said it befor and i will say it know.. if u got good skills u can win anyone with any kind of deck vs any kind of lame.. i was lameing with mountnier if u remmber this card.. was op aswall but if i had a mistake in the game im dead.. so i had skills and u were right i was a really good player cuz i had skills that i used to win any player with any deck.. i played bandits but not in the main acc^^ i had good score and didnt want to risk that so i opened new acc and i won alot of matches even against counters and lame... cuz of what? cuz i had skills.. this game work on skills and tactics.. if u know how to play u will know how to handel the tactics that the player against you is useing.. i knew how to handel it just fine and i think that anyone can learn how to do that.. if u think that deck is underpowered i dont want to Insult you but you r noob... any deck can be good if u know how to play with it.. pure nature stonkin or even fire frost.. all thought that this decks are sucks.. if u play againt hiroo and he playing fire frost u dead in sec doesnt metter if u got lame or not.. some players could win him cuz they played better and knew how to take adv on him(im in the list too) but not cuz we had lame.. cuz we had skills and tactics! u know its hard to rich the top lvl in game.. i did that and anyone can do that.. i played ranked 1v1 and 2v2 with the top players and it was fun cuz we had lame lol.. me and maranv had nick name "lame bro" cuz we had the most fun when we played with or against lame so my point is that... if u want it or not the lame game style is rly necessary and this game wont be the same without it.. bilve me kid i know im saying..
  10. guys i dont rly get the point.. if the player knows how to play and got the skills he can counter anything so pls cut it out... stop cry about cliffdancer i had so much games against that and it wasnt never freewin.. u allways got something to do and somehow to counter it.. the begginers need to get some skills and then learn to play vs anything... its not a secret that i was a lamer like u hiroo and like the most of the players(even high rank players) in the game so pls stop cry ty!
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