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  1. "No anti structure spells" is exactly the situation that pure Nature is in. And even after the update it won't have them. However, it will have other, thematic ways of dealing with high priority buildings. Namely Mind Control, which lets you take over a strong enemy unit, have it be immune to debuffs, and then send it after the target. And Grove Spirit, which lets you protect your army before it gets caught up in CC. I think an additional cleanse effect would make too strong and remove an interesting aspect of the ability. Namely having to time it right instead of mindlessly spamming it w
  2. Nature has more than enough healing at its disposal. If anything, the heal is there for flavor and really not that important. What is the main draw here is that units will be safe from debuffs, including CC. Notice it's worded the same way as Disenchant G. Which includes freeze and paralyze, giving Nature an extremely powerful tool to preemptively make their army immune against Willzappers and other CC threats. However, it has to be applied beforehand as it does not actively cleanse. Only prevent the application of debuffs/CC.
  3. If Primeval Watcher is to go 3Nature1Neutral, I think Nature itself needs a replacement. Every faction has at least two 2Factioncolor2Neutral units for committed hybrid decks or dipping two orbs deep into one color. This effectively leaves Nature with zero, because Spore Launcher is a root-card and has niche needs. Sure, you have Grimvine and Giant Wyrm as even more flexible splashes but that ain't the same. Primeval Watcher always was the sole T4 unit Nature offered as an "upgrade" for 2Nature splash. Alternatively, instead of increasing the orb requirements, an ability cost could b
  4. @Reverend830 If you are thinking of any specific maps and got ideas on how to change these to help encourage more strategies after rolling them with taken over entities is no longer as easily doable, stop by in the Campaign Maps sub forum and share.
  5. Partially true, the threads for maps have been up for a long time. Titans already has one proposal, namely replacing Pos4 Fathom Lord with Deep One. Now people can think about (additional) changes to these maps unshackled by NG shenanigans. It helps if first the frame is drawn within the changes occur. Basically, what would maps that previously were very much dominated by NG (to the point of people relying on it) need in order to improve the T1 experience?
  6. There is a post with text above the post with pictures.
  7. Vileblood camp. Whisperer camp. Dancer camp. # Imagine this is what players would see at all times. If the three camps got excluded from Fog of War, just like the Nightmareshard itself. Who would get baited into attacking the Vileblood camp if they saw this? It's being viewed as the "T2 camp" because of its proximity. But just the physical presence of these L units alone makes it the most intimidating. And that is on top of the harsh Maelstrom placement. I still think simply showing people what they are about to deal with can go a long way in making this map seem
  8. If you think those maps would become absolutely unbearably horrible to play, meaning any possible enjoyment would entirely rely on roflstomping with NG, than this would instead point towards issues with the maps themselves. Interestingly, they even precede NGs introduction to the game. There are already topics where you can discuss problems you see with them and propose solutions: Nightmare Shard Behind Enemy Lines
  9. So the idea is to have these units as targets for Twilight Curse but not for NG, right? So it's T2 150p VS T2 200p. But the problem is that these two units are also supposed to be Parasite Swarm targets which goes T3 150p. What if instead Parasite Swarm got "buffed" to being able to take over T3 175p units and Twilight Hag + Twilight Treefiend got changed to T2 175p? This would put them in range of Parasite Swarm, keep them out of NG and within Twilight Curse's range.
  10. @Kapo I'm with you on Twilight Hag and Treefiend as it has similar stats to Thornbark. Whisperers though not only offer sustain but also damage and perma CC on any enemy ranged units. That's well above a T3 power level. Similarly Stonekin Aggressor has higher power than any T3 L ranged unit. The same is true for the other excluded L units, Devastator and Rageflame getting a grace pass. Some of the excluded L units could probably skate in terms of theoretical power efficiency. If they were assigned T3 150p some could still be within bounds of what such a unit would look like as a player
  11. Looks like reasonable stuff overall. It gives the impression that the guideline for orb and power assignment was player cards, which would make the most sense. M Units Excluded for NG: Twilight Hag, Twilight Negator, Twilight Whisperer, Lost Spellbreaker, Drones, Firechanter Which interactions does Twilight Negator have with PvE entities? Unlike MotK it doesn't block attacks. I suppose Drones are blocked because the player card is T3? Excluded for Parasite Swarm: Twilight Hag, Twilight Whisperer Not sure about Twilight Hag. It has M knockback, which is very strong on T1
  12. @TREX All Towers have damage capabilities, except Stranglehold G, Willzapper and Lost Converter. Stranglehold G can be put aside since P has damage. Lost Converter doesn't even have internally assigned classes, clearly an oversight. Which leaves Willzapper as the only building that is somehow a designated Tower, yet cannot deal damage. So I would argue that in its case we are looking at a faulty class assignment, it should be a Shrine instead. Same as Lost Converter. As such Willzapper falls outside the scope of a Tower/Fortress rework. As for Infected Tower, what do you think it wou
  13. Hmm, I feel like the new booster covers are still not quite there. Mini and General didn't get changed as far as I can tell. Fire is very busy now. Previously it had two prominent figures in Rageclaw and Firedancer, one smaller in Juggernaut and a barely visible Moloch. I liked the purple hue of the previous one but the new orange cover is nice as well. It looks chaotic, like a scene from a battle. But it is fitting for fire. On the other hand I don't quite see what it has in common with the other three pure covers. It's the only one that looks like a cohesive artwork. Over
  14. The seasonal forge is a fun idea! I really like the winter one. The dark gray lines should get another touch up though. They look painted on. The original forge has the golden borders, which gives the illusion of stone plates framed in gold. You barely see a hint of slightly blue borders in the winter forge. e/ Oh, I hadn't even looked at it with normal settings. Had the game in a small window with low specs, as I sometimes do, when first checking the winter forge out. Nevermind, it looks amazing in high specs.
  15. The T3 shadow core of Frenetic, Infect, Soulshatter is always good. SoW even instantly refunds the energy expenditure. For T1 Soul Splicer G could be a consideration. Tortugun will have to be fed, otherwise it will just run wild and eat your own units. Is the plan to feed it with Commandos spawned by Corsair? Generally, I feel like Tortugun is such an unique unit that you almost have to build your entire deck around it to function. Which offers a great playstyle but doesn't really give you room to do anything else other than manage your Tortuguns. T2 is so powerful with Harveste
  16. It doesn't matter. You are focusing way too much on the things in the statement that you dislike than what should put you at ease. Nothing is changing in that respect except for the male/female mechanic, which includes only Twilight Hag and Girl Power.
  17. Shouldn't this put the entire thing to rest anyway? Like I said, it's just the male/female mechanic that's getting scrapped/overhauled. A mechanic nobody cares about. That includes Twilight Hag and consequently its ability icon. It wasn't even the ugly, disgusting Hag itself dancing on the pole, which would've been funny. It was straight up just a stripper and a disco ball. It seems you are concerned about this being the harbinger of a great purge of scrubbing the game squeaky clean. But the very statement you quoted specifies that it's not. It is about reworking the male/female mech
  18. Scantly clad men and women aren't going anywhere as far as I can tell. Just the male/female mechanic and the stripper pole are on the chopping block.
  19. Stop making it such a black-and-white issue. First off, the current icon is only tentative as far as I have read. For me the issue with it is simply that it's immersion breaking. It does not belong in the fictional universe. It's a throw away joke that doesn't add anything. The entire "male/female" class mechanic is in a shit state as well. In some instances there is no way of knowing if a unit is either and you have to try if the spell works. It's a throw away joke made into an attempted mechanic. Which is even sillier. It's not even worth salvaging. Pretty much the only reason
  20. There are still some changes planned for Tortugun to give it a buff after consuming a unit. And both getting long range. But the hunger mechanic won't be going anywhere, it seems. And it doesn't have to. Even now Tortugun offers a very unique and involved playstyle. The approach of this rPvE deck is basically just cycling through Tortuguns non-stop. Either by making one near-frenzy Tortugun eating another one. Or Offering/Motivating it to get it out of the way before it frenzies. The reward for such heavy micro isn't quite there yet but it's a playstyle you don't get otherwise. It
  21. A) There was no way to avoid that because the damage ran deeper. The reforging system should've been present since day 1, ideally. However, that was unfeasible at the time and so cards had one year to just pile up. The damage accumulated. This resulted in the volatile effect reforging had when released. There was no way to avoid that, no matter what. The people that already had stockpiles of worthless cards waiting would always end up benefiting the most, adjustments or not. That is an undoubtedly unfortunate reality. As you noted prices are already starting to settle in again, after the initi
  22. With such precise timings and strict procedure, I assume the effect of randomness is minimized if not eliminated altogether. If such a speedrunning script leads to a reproducible course of events, wouldn't it be possible to automate it?
  23. Sounds like a different problem at work.
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