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  1. Boosters are rolled on opening, not on purchase. So your hoarded boosters can contain the new cards.
  2. Really like the new patch notes template as a baseline. Looks very familiar to what you're used to from other games but has its unique flair as well.
  3. Not possible, unfortunately. I can't make a building automatically spawn at the place of recently destroyed building using the Revenant mechanic. It crashes the game. However, what is possible is instead making a unit spawn where the building got destroyed. I could create a new unit that has stats like the tower (or any stats, really) and be immobile. Basically simulating a revived tower. For the purposes of combat at least, excluding things like being able to be repaired, receiving siege damage or being affected by building-mechanics in general. One affinity could spawn a beefy mele
  4. There are plenty of supportive units that feel good to use. Snapjaws, Aggressor, Grim Bahir, Winter Witch, Dryad, Shaman, Lost Dragon, Razorshard, Crystal Fiend, Gemeye. The balancing act is always giving it enough supportive power to justify summoning it instead of another damage dealer and allocating a deck slot. I certainly think the concept of "automatically freezing multiple enemies through regular attacks" can fit the bill. Without turning the unit itself into another damage dealer that can just be spammed in a homogeneous army. If anything being able to attack and freeze air w
  5. The size an entity appears as in-game is just visual. You could make a Colossus the size of an S unit and it would still take up 10 pop. The actual mechanical size is defined with four different settings. S, M, L and XL. They're also important for interactions like knockback and others. While it is possible to change how much pop a specific size takes up (which would affect ALL units of that size equally), it currently appears not possible to create an entirely new size and assign it a new pop value. So, any unit being assigned size S would take up 6 pop. It doesn't matter how many e
  6. The achievements specify that the deck must only contain cards from a certain color. As neutral cards are not nature/frost/shadow/fire/lost souls, they are not eligible for the achievement.
  7. I'm against any damage buffs to Rageflame. The card has a very supportive design. Making it also a damage dealer would mean remolding it into a completely different identity. The concept of Rageflame, as a supportive freeze-unit, isn't so fundamentally broken and unsalvageable to warrant that. Rageflame shouldn't be able to stand on its own. It should enable other T3s like Stone Warrior or Core Dredge. Potentially, there could be more units with synergetic effects that fit the color requirements. Like Deepfang or Lost Horror R, which, right now, is just woefully inferior to G. Something l
  8. If bound power is a big concern then making the nodes grant free power, like the Shard in Nightmare Shard, would solve that. So if players hold the nodes, they are granted all the extra power they need to fortify them without slowing down their progress elsewhere.
  9. That'd only be useful in the handful of cases whenever you happen to encounter these enemies. It wouldn't help the card perform better across the board. I don't really have a problem with those mini-bosses being immune. Personally, I'd like a shorter CD to bulk up a Nature army and free up energy for spells.
  10. I'd say the value of takeover tampers off as you ascend through tiers as you naturally get more powerful options enabled in your own deck. By T4 you have access to all these powerful cards so insta-killing and then owning one unbound enemy unit compared to just flattening it with your arsenal isn't as good anymore. The firepower you have at this point is generally enough to deal with it regularly. Also worth noting that one of the outlined weaknesses of the Nature faction is that it binds a high amount of energy to units. Mind Control could alleviate this because it can provide T4 eq
  11. I'll copy my suggestions from the other thread over here, I suppose. Approachability: Change intervals on cultist runners. This would leave more time to breathe and coordinate. Change cultist runner speed. Players would have more time to intercept them. Create additional slopes off the center plateau that make it possible to still intercept the cultist runners at later points and aggro them. For example down south or in the east. Change well positions so they don't aggro patrols. This would spread the players forces less thin and help early economy. Reduce the power
  12. Those effects are incredibly powerful but they also have to justify defending the nodes against the incoming waves, which requires dedicating a good chunk of resources. How are these effects going to be communicated to the player? Will they know what benefits they would gain to plan around so they can potentially work together to secure the node that is most beneficial to them first?
  13. In order for players to make an informed decision as to which camp is most suitable to attack with their resources, they need to see the defending forces. Is the FoW exclusion not flexible enough to allow that?
  14. I suppose one way to make it happen is to not grant a pre-built orb anymore. Instead the player has to build the first orb manually. With a sped up building process or even near-instant. So somewhat of a trade-off. A less seamless start to every map for the possibility of hybrid T1s.
  15. Don't think that would work. Root Network is a multiplier. 0 times 6 is still 0. It needs some base value to scale up.
  16. The red affinity isn't half bad. 50% damage buff to 7500 DP20 in an orb combo that only has the somewhat clunky Home Soil+Ice Barrier combo. And technically Green Peace R.
  17. Stacking buff/debuff icons are not possible right now. For icons it's either "on or off" but not "how much/many". Also, the rule of thumb is this: Buildings and Onion-units attack faster from support. For everything else, it's a damage multiplier. So one Spore Launcher with one support has the same damage output as two Spore Launchers and so on.
  18. @EinsteinV all cards now need to state the amount of support they provide They don't because if a player was to read Thornbarks description and it specifically mentions that it gives 3 support while cards like Root Nexus specifically state that they provide none, then the logical conclusion is that the normal must be 1 support. How the support amount functions by default can be deducted by reading the exceptions. If your network provides 18 support/battery in total (18 connected entities), does that mean 3 front line units with passive Linked Fire of 6 all do max damage s
  19. That's not possible right now. The game has four unit sizes and that's it. How much pop a certain unit size takes up can be defined but it would affect everything of that size, not just temporary summons. Introducing new sizes just for temp-summons doesn't work.
  20. Not sure about the Lightblade restriction. A target power cost limit seems to be doable without a major rework. By assigning boss-units really high values it could lock it out. Frenetic Assault also uses a provoke mechanic. Knight of Chaos and Amok are a different effect.
  21. The footage isn't edited, it's a recording of the mechanic after I cobbled it together as a test to see if projectiles can indeed spawn units. Was a playable, usable Spore Launcher that shot Treespirits. As such I think it would also be possible to have it as a separate active ability that scales with support. Meaning, the more heavily Spore Launcher is supported by a network, the more Treespirits it summons at a time.
  22. @JarodDempsey There is text under the picture. @Ragenarok Nothing is being taken away from Forest Elder G. The Breeding Grounds aura is a new, additional passive that both affinities get. The old damage amp aura stays for G. It's even getting buffed to have a bigger area.
  23. Making it possible for entities with boss immunity to be taunted would affect all taunts equally though, not just Grinder.
  24. It would be SO MUCH cooler if the Treespirits got spawned from the projectile, not from the unit itself. I mean, it is literally called a "Spore Launcher". Having it on every auto attack (or every few ones) would be amazing but it would have some wonky quirks to work out. The amount of spawned Treespirits could even scale with the amount of spores shot and therefore with support, as far as I have seen. They'd have to be temporary though. Imagine if attackers got swamped like that. Could take Spore Launcher into an entirely different direction. Nerf the amount of default spores
  25. @Donaar You didn't list the point that it makes the game look like a mess if such blatantly unbalanced and upon further scrutiny unfinished/broken mechanics are just left unaddressed while they proliferate throughout general play. Handwaving issues away with "Just don't use it!" isn't design. It isn't a vision to go forward with and it isn't a guideline to base meaningful decisions on. And it also disregards the underlying psychology that is at work when humans engage with content like video games. There are plenty of resources out there that examine these processes and how the state of a
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