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  1. Hi all Having been playing around with deepfang T3 creature. I find the critters a little anoyying, with their range hit points, and the intreraction with the main units ability, I think changing hp or range will be reaching into card balancing, but can we add a simple summon new stonekin critter button to its abilities, maybe max of 2 as is or maybe 3, dont want the ability to spam them but i find i lose them frequently during fights and this nerfs the unit itself badly.
  2. Hi all Maybe having a moment but i cant seem to get my head around the blue affinity coat of protection teir 4 blue. How do i strengthen it to give max shields?
  3. hi all i have read through this and i support whatever changes the devs want to make as this is theirs reborn baby. For clarity played this during the EA days. Thank you so far for all you have done, i dont think there is an ideal situation for login rewards as some people can play all day and some have half hour a day, some players can make this up and spend all weekend playing others have out of work commitments preventing playing, this is of course assuming they get the weekend off. I would imagine a soft option combining the both would be preferable for myself. whichever you choose someone always feels like they have been singled out and slighted. an example ; Daily missions rewards with fixed values that roll over from day to day. Maybe to prevent hording of these reward missions to prevent an all or nothing play style the value of the missions falls per day its not completed taking for example current system of 75 BFP if completed today less the day after after maybe down to a cap of 10 over a calendar week before expiring. Possibly at the same time using a version of this play and earn points that is clear for players to see in game. From my own position which i dont think is to outlandish i can play in the weekday evenings for maybe an hour most days, sometimes more at weekends and sometimes nothing at all. I thnk this merged option would perhaps be better than play or dont get points, 30-45 mins is sometimes all the time i have. Please with whatever you decide upon dont penalize players like myself to much as i am i would think a fair sample of your player base. REGARDING BOOSTERS I dont believe the boosters were ever worth the shop price for them overall and never brought any but i was very pleased to receive one from a daily reward in this new incarnation and open it in the hopes of something nice! may i suggest a daily booster much as we have now and also this more focused option you have been thinking about as 2 separate options. I rather like opening it and receiving cards i might not have otherwise bothered with and wondering how i can make them work. Please also consider reevaluating some cards currently out that are just underwhelming and could be much improved with a slight numbers tweek on them, i am sure you have enough people that laugh when certain cards are mentioned, this would raise the default value of the booster as the cards are now the magical word 'viable'. I am still amused by the over pricing in the AH for what are simply basic cards which as a 'new' player i am having problems getting enough to charge my cards and while i can make do and can work around this lack of charges i can envisage a lot of players leaving because of this, e.g. surge of light T1 nature heal fairly basic to the deck 150 BFP and one available currently, This is a full log in to get at the moment. With the possible reduction of cards in circulation by the removal of free boosters this price will go up and the available BFP's going down down how much longer will it take to get this card ? How much longer will my deck take to build up to something fun to play with as this is the magic, it doesnt need to be the supper amazing deck of the month just something i have fun playing but there is only so much struggle and making do till you go elsewhere if you have managed to make yourself read the above my congratulations and my apologies Merry Christmass one and all PS please when you reset the game dont wipe the friends list for people
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