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pvp balancing


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like in the title said, in my feeling pvp is much worse balanced than in earlier times. but anyways... i hope that in some years the changing of all cards will end. perhaps in that years i will try to learn the new game. 😞

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I am sorry you feel this way, but feedback like this is not constructive. Please give some examples of balance issues you currently have with pvp.

Are there matchups you feel are strongly unfavourable? Cards you consider over or underpowered? Or give some examples of a change from EA that you feel made the card or matchup worse to play.

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Wouldn't call the balance bad per se, but it feels very stale and mechanic to play PvP. There is not much room for newbies.

The learning curve is extremely steep. Even though it seems to be easy at first glance, the game mechanics are pretty complicated and overall hard to read unless you invest a lot of time into figuring out what's going on. On top a lot of animations and unit behaviors feel clunky and unresponsive. Also the fact that units sometimes randomly change targets and do not respond to orders after being spawned doesn't make it better...

It's also hard to counter all the shenanigans that some factions can play, esp. shadow splashes and Stonekin. Both are not OP per se but very unfun to play against. Stonekin with all their dmg reductions/abundant CC/heals/knockback mechanics are extremely annoying, and shadow has plenty of abilties that are hard to read and can punish newbies extremely hard who think "ok wtf is going on here".

I get that it's a dance on a razor's edge to please old bf veterans and new players, but overall I still think it would've been better to start off with shaking up the old meta and allow more variations to be played, alongside with nerfs to major OP factions and cards to bring them in line with other cards. A good start would have been a nerf to the beetles, extremely long lasting passive abilities like crippling bite,  or CC abilities in general.

This does not necessarily mean to nerf the card stats themselves, but for example reduce the maximum charges per card. I know stuff like this has an effect on PVE but on the other hand a healthier card pool allows new ways to play and finish the maps.

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