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-> Might add a statistic for achievement solved via percentages:
These statistics could even further divided in the already existing categories: "standard"/common achievements (not sure about english translation), beginner, veteran, etc.
And maybe an overall statistic with a summary: "XX% of all achievements completed".

Maybe also for completionists:: if you put "cosmetics owned" into this statistic, also just a little note with the according percentages.

Also, something i found rather confusing: might devide between upgrades owned and upgrades applied.
As a player who always go for getting the upgrades instead of converting them into gold (it also will benefit you more on the long run goldwise). Took me quite a while to understand, that they even count the not applied upgrades toward this number

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Not really sure about this, maybe for people with a bit OCD:

Might not as a data for the page of collection, but something that will satisfy my own curiosity: A statistic/summery of gold and bfp income and output: -> how much gold is spent on reforging, AH-transactions, upgrades(, by personal messages) -> how much income is gained by selling cards, getting BFP from daily boost, from quests, gaining of reserves, personal trades with other people -> how much BFPs are spent for buying boosters, for buying cards on the market, personal trades, .....

Maybe not worth to implement, since i quess there won't be many players who are really interested in these indepth details. But i have invested quite a lot of time in auctions and reforging and always kind of curious how things sum up in the end.

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