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September Patch Feedback Thread


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On 11/2/2022 at 10:36 PM, WindHunter said:

Small update on upcoming changes to Batariel. I am posting it here due to how much discussion has occurred around the card:

1. Stage Duration (both affinities):
   A. Stage 1: 4 sec --> 5 sec
   B. Stage 2: 4 sec --> 5 sec
2. Stage Threshold Value (both affinities): 
   A. Stage 1: 1200 damage --> 800 damage 
3. Damage per Stage Batariel (r)
   (a) Stage 1: unchanged
   (b) Stage 2: 150 dmg --> 200 dmg
   (c) Stage 3: 200 dmg --> 300 dmg

When will these changes be implemented? Its been 2 months now and i really want to play single Batariel decks again.

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