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Motivate - Adjustment

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Since Shadow spell "Motivate" is represented as global ability, can we make Motivate applied to units THAT COME into the game (are summoned or spawned) after the spell is already played out (and if they are, ofc, of same kind?)

This would give the spell a bit more love and attention into the lategame, where it could be utilized on Infect or some other alternatives for units, such as spawn Skeleton Warriors (or Satanael Snapjaws), for example 🙂

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While I get where you are coming from, this is much more than a simple QoL improvement.

Motivate is one of the strongest Tier 1 spells in the game, and players have been asking for a nerf quite frequently. Buffing the spell to include newly spawned units would absolutely push shadow over the top in PvP. 

Even outside of tier 1, there have been multiple times I have 1 or 2 nightcrawlers walking around, and have to make the choice if its worth it to buff the one already on the field, or should try to sneak another one in. If I could just motivate a crawler and then spawn new crawlers that are already fully buffed, that would be absolutely insane. You oink my crawler? I just spawn a new one that already has been motivated, basicly making it ''undazed''. 

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