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CCC #4 - Mo Card Count - UNTIL 11. MAY 2022


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This was a really fun event! Thank you for organizing @Kapo! I had three submissions, starting from 11 points, then improving to 8, then finally 3. Definitely learned a lot.



Since so many people had 2 point runs, the choice of tiebreaker might have been more significant than expected. Not sure what the best approach is, but I like the idea of something skill based like counting the total number of cards played.

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For single player events, the weekends is slightly less important for me but I think there would be a much higher chance of me giving 2 card/point try from what I ended at (3 cards/4 points). For multiplayer events, I really only have a couple of hours on weekends to try to find/work with potential partner(s).


I do think time of submission is worst just using the usual time (how long a run took) for reasons already said by others. I would prefer to randomly pick if all the laid out tie breakers still end up in dead lock (meaning randomly picking order of winners from all those who had 2 points in this case rather than using time of submission). 🙂


 Besides that I don't have any general ideas. Maybe there can be map/event specific restrictions/tie breakers that make sense?


Not saying this as criticism as I think still think event was fun and well run but building on top of what other said and in hope of improving things in the future.

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Time/speed is the best and fairest metric we have in Battleforge, that's 100% sure. So any feedback/criticism in that direction is absolutely warranted.

For this contest, I took the "time submitted" just for the reason to shake things up a little, fully on purpose, while still knowing that speed would have been the better tie-breaker. One thing I have learned though is that it would have been fairer if the contest had started at the weekend, so more Skylords get the opportunity to make a quick run.

What I can promise is that "time submitted" will not be a core staple in the CCC, since no matter how you do it, you exclude some people who just don't have the time to make a run instantly when the contest starts.

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Great altitude there @Kapo! 🙂


I was thinking of tweaking the point system to encourage players to use lower tier cards and/or undervalued/under appreciated cards more.


Maybe something like this:

  • 1 point: T1 common
  • 2 points: T2 common/T1 uncommon
  • 3 points: T3 common/T2 uncommon/T1 rare
  • 4 points: T4 common/T3 uncommon/T2 rare/T1 ultra-rare
  • etc

And tie breaker would be: lowest points based on tier count (all T1 cards worth 1 point, all T2 cards worth 2 points, etc) then time or random etc.


I was also thinking about using AH prices to come up with a point system but that requires more work to publish list at start of event. I would want to follow similar scheme as I described above but maybe expand it out (the really under appreciated T1 commons have lowest point followed by rest of T1 commons, etc).


Of course you can have a event/map specific point system (maybe for this event, flyers got assigned higher points or something).


Maybe others can chime and refine my idea/offer better scheme! 🙂



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Im a bit late to the party, but the replays don't work anymore. This is a very interesting challenge and I seem to have problems with mo on expert. Does anyone have a replay on a video site? I couldn't find anything on youtube.. Also what were the decks used in the end? I can only see the point totals.

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Yeah is too bad replays get broken after some amount of updates/patches...  

On 5/12/2022 at 8:47 AM, Kapo said:

They all reached the same score of 2 Points, so the time of the submission was the deciding factor. In all cases the two cards used were a tower for (air) defense activating Mo (Blaster Cannon, Lifestealer, Primal Defender) and an T3-unit for attacking (Swamp Drake, Northland Drake, Lost Horror). The fastest of these submissions was Mocaak with a time of 27m43s.


I think you want to take a T1 tower + a T3 unit Kapo listed (e.g. I think Primal Defender + Swamp Drake should work as one of the possible ways to do it). 🙂

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I built primal defenders to defend the bottom area against flying units, then built a bunch of swamp drakes to slowly march north. If you command the swamp drakes to hold position, they can take out the Banzai birds from a distance without the swamp drakes moving out of position. Once you get to the Banzai lord, you can have a few swamp drakes hold position and take out the birds while your main group of swamp drakes take out the boss. Clearing out the next area with just swamp drakes is time consuming as you have no healing spells. However, you can build power wells / primal defenders and fly your swamp drakes over them to heal.

I would recommend using life weaving + unholy power + heals on Mo to take out the Banzai lord if you're going for a normal run though - it's much less tedious.

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