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Beginners Guide for Disinterest in Skylords Economy

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Beginners Guide for Disinterest in Skylords Economy
Or: How to not get screwed over by your own mistakes, the market, or other players


Skylords Reborn – a wonderful piece of RTS gaming – but also a Trading Card Game with market mechanics. Some enjoy the economic aspects a lot – but maybe you don't. This guide is as short as possible and gives you simple tips of what you should do and what to avoid.

If you just want to play the game, make progress and have fun, this guide is for you.


  • Check prices: When buying or selling something over a certain limit – lets say 100 or 200 BFP – check the median price first. You don't need to memorize anything, use www.smj.cards (courtesy of [GM] Maze). Sometimes cheap cards are on temporary low supply and sold for outrageous prices. You only know what's going on if you check the price beyond the lowest market buyout.
  • Sell Boosters: One way to ensure progress is to stay away from the gambling machine. You might end up losing several BFP, or you might win big – but that's especially a bigger risk for someone who is just starting out. For a casual player, staying even also has a downside: selling cards takes time too, and that's time not spent playing the game itself.
  • Plan ahead: As a beginner, select one or two factions/decks you want to put your resources into and stick to them. Don't pump all your resources into fire cards and lose interest the next day. Cycling through your resources usually means losing some amount of BFP.
  • High value - buy on chat, sell on market: On very expensive cards (>500 or 1000 BFP), take some time and buy them on the chat. Bartering can save you a lot – demand a healthy discount, otherwise you could buy from the market anyway. Selling expensive cards goes the other way around, just put them up on the market.
  • Reforge right: The Reforge can be a powerful tool, but don't put random cards into it. To keep it simple and if you don't want to learn the exact mechanics, just put 4 of the exact same cards in, and you will be fine. Just be sure to never trash something of value.
  • Be patient: This is the hardest part – many already mentioned points revolve around the ability to wait if the situation isn't right. You don't have to wait to sell a card for months – just don't sell it while it's at the very bottom. When buying a card you really NEED for a deck to play right now, you can make conscious exceptions for this, but moving fast almost always means losing BFP.


Hopefully it helps new players with disinterest in economy a bit. If you have some additional tips for beginners and people who want to participate in the market as little as possible, just suggest them and I will add them here:

  • Have fun: Even though the advice above is sound, don't force yourself to optimize too much. For example, if you have fun opening Boosters, just do it, especially while you are still exploring what cards exist and what factions you may or may not like.
  • Stay Updated: Skylords Reborn is in constant development, there is a regular forum post of changes that also contains a free Booster code. Official streams or videos usually come with codes too.
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While I agree with these points from a theory perspective, please dont feel bad as a new player if you just want to open boosters and/or have no clue what to play yet. A great part of BattleForge is its exploration phase, and I can imagine you are not looking forward to browsing hundreds of cards to come up with a plan before even figuring out what element you like. 

If you are starting out, I personally would suggest just opening your packs. See what catches your eyes, what feels nice to play for you, etc.
Is this the best way to be spending your BFP? Probably not, but it also does not really matter as long as you are having fun. 

If you do know for certain you want a perfect deck or card, or have settled a bit into what you like, then the above points are all very valueable.
At the end of the day, pick what is the most fun for you, and you cant go wrong 🙂 

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First, is all good advice but I am amazed you didn't list reading community updates (if only for the freebie code reward and I mean if people are reading the original post or my reply then they are obviously already doing right thing of being on the forum).


Only point I slightly disagree on is the market aspect and is not there is anything wrong with the advice but just maybe I am placing a stronger emphasis on

On 1/8/2022 at 3:39 AM, Kapo said:

just want to play the game


Although I know you can not sell booster packs via auction house and buying booster pack with daily discount then selling it is a guaranteed way of making a profit, I just hate the indefinite time I need to wait around.


Also I am with Majora, to me part of the fun of these type of games is trying to use what you are given (and AH is the safety net for the unluckiest rolls) and this is even though I am definitely seeing more misses than hits (that is, most of the time I could had bought the cards I got from booster packs from AH for less than cost of the booster pack).  Back in the day when we had to buy BFP for real money (at least that how I got the initial pool of BFP to work with), I definitely stayed away from booster packs and "play the odds of AH" (looking for what felt like under priced cards on AH and trying to flip it for more BFP).  With that I guess I'll sneak in, first post on this forum but I would not consider myself as a "true new player".


EDIT: fixed typos

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