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My first ever YouTube video!

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My first ever YouTube video is online now and I am searching for feedback. If you have any, please send them to me in any way so I can improve my future content. 
I plan on doing this style of videos for each map on expert for newer people to complete certain maps. 


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50 minutes ago, ThomasMann said:

You sound like you are quoting porn 


It's Skylord Reborn. Sooooo...yes!? 🤪

Jokes aside. 

No unnecessary debauchery, easy to understand. That's important. 

Music is just a matter of taste, no k.o criteria. Im pretty sure if he does it with my kind of music others will complain about MY music.

Just mute and watch.

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On 1/4/2022 at 10:36 PM, Dutchy said:

Since the music was not really to your taste.
I would like your opinion on the songs in the following video, are there any good ones to use? if so, which ones do you like the most?


If i had to choose i would take Get My Love. But that's me. If you want a neutral environment, leave out the music, use ingame sound or let's hear your own voice. But like i said before, music is not a k.o criteria. If i want music for my taste i mute youtube and listen to my own while watching. Don't bother to much 😉


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