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SOLVED: Issues with implementing new voicelines


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Hey everyone,

I know this one got overshadowed a bit by the new-patch-hype, but we would greatly appreciate the help from the community for making the implementation of voicelines possible. We already have two cards fully recorded and ready to go, with others in various stages of recordings, but they are currently on hold because of the mentioned issues in the community update. We would love to get the help from the community figuring this out. Here you can find the earlier post about this issue, with some explanations from Kubik. 

Please help us out 🙂 

Issues we ran into:
• The game sometimes ends a new voiceline with a loud snap. This seems to be unrelated to what voiceline is being played, and seems to happen about 20% of the time. 
• The game sometimes completely crashes after playing a new voiceline, most of the time repeating the last word of a line a couple of times before completely shutting down Skylords Reborn. 
• Wounded and Strike voicelines are not referenced in the ACK file, but the game does have audio files (and references them correctly) for existing units. We are not sure how to add these specific voicelines into the game. 

We have currently not been able to find a logic behind the snaps and crashes. When the lines do work, they work well. The quality is good, and they play when you expect them too. The files are also recorded in a similar way as the original EA voicelines (meaning short silence at the beginning and end, similar lenght, etc.). It seems some lines are more prone to crash or snap than others, but we have not been able to find any logic behind this. 

Here is what we have done so far:
- Recorded voicelines in good quality (MP3 or Wav), in a comparable logic to EA's own recordings
- Convert the files to one of the formats BattleForge uses
- Create an  ACK file for the new cards that references the voicelines in the game, using the same template as currently existing units. 
- Try out the voicelines in all kind of settings (at some point we even connected them to the login button to test them in quick succession). 

Current theories we have what are causing these errors:
- Weird sounds and crashes might be caused by wrong size*
- The issues could be caused by the converter/generator of SNR files 
- Corrupting memory allocator should not be possible by any data in any software, so it is a bug in the game.

*With this we dont mean "size" as in file size, but "size'' of memory allocation or "size" of decompressed audio

Which leads us to the current options:
- Use 70% compressed wav. This would mean low quality sounds. We hope the community can improve the wav to snr to have more seamless result. 
- Find someone to reverse engineer this part of BF, and find the issue (Kubik did not yet find the root cause, only that it corrupts memory allocator somehow, which should be almost impossible)
- Wav to snr mp3 branch can be improved / extended by someone (or a coordinated group) who understand coding and/or sound enough to add diagnostic information to the sound itself and find the root cause this way
- Find someone who has dealt with this kind of issue for other EA games, who used the other codecs, and has (or can write) a convertor, and try those. 
- Do not implement sounds at all

Please let us know if you have any questions, theories or, preferably, solutions. If there is anything you need for testing, feel free to ask for it!

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