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Increase mailbox size

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It kind of bothers me, that the mailbox ingame has such a limited capacity. You can't even put up the maximum amount of acutions at once and have them all run out without the inbox overflowing, making it impossible for ther players to send you any mail.
Thus, I would like to suggest an increase in mailbox size to at least be as big as the maximum amount of auctions plus a bit extra, so you face the situation, where you can't receive any new mail very rarely.

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11 hours ago, Dallarian said:

I am not sure how about performance (I believe mailbox gets a bit laggy when full), but overall increasing limits would be a nice thing. ^^

I too think this is a performance issue, but to be honest - you log on and empty your box, and if thats a little laggy who cares. A little lag for 1 minute is a much better scenario then a full inbox where you cant recieve mails for many, many hours that you are not online.

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3 hours ago, Kapo said:

you log on and empty your box

I keep some special ones, like The Gold Rush from release day or Among the Old Gods.
So I wouldn't be happy with "delete all", while "delete without selected ones" could be a great option next to "delete all".

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