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Cancel ALL Auctions Button

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As the title says - mainly because every time you get a mail from the auction house, the game stutters (sometimes more, sometimes less). So if you put up alot of auctions that takes some time to set them up, and when you try to do a harder mission when they all return you are locked out of normal play for 15+ Minutes cause they all trickle in one by one.

You can cancel them one by one, but that takes some time too. So what would be very nice is a "Cancel all auctions"-Button to clear things up for you and you can play normally.

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6 minutes ago, Cocofang said:

I'd prefer the ability to mark multiple auctions and cancel those for more control. Like you'd mark files in a folder. With Shift-Click to mark everything from the first to the last clicked item.

yeah, that would be even better. but that would be way more complicated to implement I guess?

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On 7/21/2021 at 11:23 PM, Cocofang said:

@MarcoMaar Do you happen to have any updates on anything that's currently going on in the background regarding your work? I am always really looking forward to some UI and QoL improvements on the client side of things.

Since at least a month I am working on the same topic. Not an improvement but rather new functionality. Sorry for not being specific but once we get closer to finalizing it you can read about it in our community update. Hope people will like it.

Also I am glad to hear to you enjoy those improvements/changes 🙂 

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