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The Skylords Open #10 25.07.21

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Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords!


Another 1on1 tournament, who will take the title this time?



The tournament will be played as a 1on1 best of 3 double elimination tournament, grand finals will be best of 5, no reset. The grand finalist coming from the winnerbracket will start with  a win (1-0) already.


Prize Pool! (subject to change)

1st place  - 4 Booster packs

2nd place - 3 Booster packs

3rd place - 2 Booster pack

4th -8th place  - 1 Booster pack

Big thanks to the devs who sponsor the booster packs!


Bounty: Beat radicalX in a set to gain 3 extra boosters.




On 25.07.21  starting on 3pm CET (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.



The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier.

The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv.

In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord, Battleforge or on twitch.


Twitch mods: LynnTaki



Rules! (read this)

-Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake.

-Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.

-After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.

-The Map Pool is: 1st round: Haladur, 2nd round: Simai, 3rd: Elyon, 4th: Lajesh, 5th: Uro and 6th: Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on the fixed map, then it is losers choice.  The winning player (who won the previous match in this bo3) also has to lock in his deck first.

-The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts.

-Use your Battleforge name for the tournament. If your Challonge account differs from your Battleforge account name use the "Sign up with an alternate name" feature or change your name for the tournament in the settings. Finding your opponent will be a LOT easier this way.



Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later.



Best regards,


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4 hours ago, Xanatoss said:

Balance Patch is almost there, so I am almost about to participate 😉

Looking forward to it anyways. Hype Hype!

Just to clarify, the balance patch wont hit before the tournament, so this will probably be the last Toggy tournament with the current meta 🙂 (which still feels pretty fresh to me by the way).

Personally cant wait for the QoL buff to Rogan 😛 

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Glad to see some players have already signed up! 🙂 If you are interested in joining, please sign-up in advance so the price pool might be increased. The tournament is open for all skill levels, and with a loser-bracket you are going to play at least two best of three games. 

Hope to see you all this sunday!

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I know nobody cares, but last sunday really made me appreciate the few responsibilites I had as a young adult :oink:


Thanks for the tournament, especially to organizers, casters, players, sponsors, mods and viewers! Had a lot of fun participating :rogan: GGs to all!


My glorious exit series (lol) from the tournament in the lower bracket semi finals vs Alphabet got featured on the stream ✌️ next time morklay with the proper upgrades will be there  😄 honestly didn't imagine I'd make it this far, props to @desconhecido and @Eirias who played good games! Until there's an offical replay hub, i uploaded my replays on http://bfleague.com/?view=PVP .

maybe some other players had some notworthy games that weren't on stream? Feel free to share

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