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New Player looking to get into PvP


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Hello fellow Skylords,

Im a new player who first heard about this game 3 weeks ago and been hooked ever since. Im lookin to get into PvP and decided to start with pure fire as first Deck to learn because I like to play proactive. I have played around 20 ranked PvP matches by now, my last opponment recommended farrockbfs youtube channel to me to get a general feel for tactics and the rock/papee/scissor system. 

I feel like I have the right ideas what to do most of the time (other times i think its safe to take a well only to get rushed into oblivion but thats a different   story :-p) but my execution is flat out terrible. 

Im lookin for PvP newbies like me who want to train on a regular basis or more experienced players that are willing to drop a gem or two. I struggle the most against frost sorceress, nasty surprise spam and nature cc spam. I dont mind loosing at all, so even if you are a skilled player already feel free to hit me up. 

To me: my native language is german, but my english should be good enough. Im online almost everyday after work, around 19-20 pm european time.

Looking forward to join your PvP community and compete for top 100 in the future! :-D

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In terms of guides, feel free to use the guide navigation thread to find relevant guides for you.

For tutoring and finding sparring partners, check out the tutors and apprentices discord - we have lots of experienced players there (close to 500 members) who can give you advice on your decks, tutor you ingame and analyze replays.

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