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Mountaineer attack problem after upgrade

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Essentially if the shield timer resets to reapply his shield it cancels his extremely long attack animation. When I was watching the that prerelease tournament it actually happened during it and pretty sure it may have actually saved a well.

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Overall from what I've seen the shield cooldown, attack animation and general smoothness is all over the place. Sometimes the shield is applied a second after cancelling an attack, then the attack happens instantly, sometimes the shield takes forever without attacking, then he just stands there and does nothing for 10 seconds

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It's actually not that difficult to predict his behaviour once you understand how it works.

Ever time Mountaineer gets his shield, he can't attack for the next ~5 seconds. Additionally if he gets his shield during the attack animation, the attack will get canceled.

You can see this in the video I just did. Pay attention to the cooldown/duration of the ice shield. He just stands there until the durationd reaches ~50% and only then he will attack.


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