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Add New Achievements Periodically to Replace those that are Completed


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The numerous new achievements are refreshing and exciting, so needless to say that is a great new feature for the game.

I would like to suggest adding new Achievements periodically to replace those that were completed.

For example, once we complete the achievements that involve playing with Viridya, Rogan, Brannoc, and Moon with their specific colors you can introduce:

Play PvE/Campaign with Viridya and Rogan with Nature and Frost cards.

Play PvE/Campaign with Viridya and Brannoc with Nature and Fire cards.

Play PvE/Campaign with Viridya and Moon with Nature and Shadow cards.

And so on........

Also, what about MO related achievements?

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We are planning to add more achievements, specially focused on mid-game and end-game. So it is good to make suggestions for them as all input we can get is appreciated. 

Please also consider achievements that are not just focused around individual cards as well. 

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