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SMJ-Bot (Price Notification Discord Bot)


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Hey everyone,

I have something new that I want to share with you. :)

In the last two days I tried something new and built a simple Discord Bot that allows you to set notifications for card prices.



Please note that to use the automated notifications you will have to subscribe to the bot, meaning that you need to confirm that your publicly visible Discord ID and all your personal notification settings for this bot are stored in one of my databases. You can unsubscribe at any time, which deletes all your user data including all notification settings for this bot from the database, never to be recovered.


Here are some things it can do right now:

  • Set multiple notifications for different cards with criteria for when there are buyout prices below (for buying) or only buyout prices above (for selling) a set price available
  • Unset all notifications for a specific card, so you can set new ones, if your criteria change
  • Unset a specific notification
  • Show all your current notification settings
  • Show all current buyout prices for the cards you have set notifications for
  • Show all current buyout prices for a specific card, or cards that include a specific set of characters (no subscription needed)

I set the Bot up so that it checks for new data frequently and sends notifications each time a previously set criteria is met, which should be not later than 1.5 minutes after new data is available from the API.


If you are okay with subscribing, just want to use it for displaying the buyout prices of a card or simply want to stay updated on changes to my website or bot, join my myDiscord Server and start interacting with the bot in your DMs. If you joined the server, when the bot was not online, simply DM the bot with !help once it is online again. You can join it here:


Also, since I haven't spent a lot of time with programming this little bot (or Discord Bots in general) yet, there might still be some issues and other stuff, like a not so understandable command documentation or the nonexistent description on my Discord server.

Nonetheless, I hope you still like it and find this simple bot useful. ;)


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I just noticed that I forgot to set the invitation link to never expire. I updated the link in the main post, so you are able to join again.

Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone who tried to join so far.

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