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Gold Purchasable Deck Count Limit Increase

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I 'd like to propose yet another Gold Sink for this game. For a price X (let's say 100k) you can purchase 10 more decks you can have concurrently. 

I am not quite sure how many more decks the client can handle, but presumably 150 (50 more in total as of now) should be fine. This option to increase the deck count limit is naturally something that only matters to veterans and hence is ideal to give them more liberty in having custom decks for all kinds of scenarios and also offers another option to spend the resource gold on without creating an unfair advantage.

I personally would greatly appreciate this feature.


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On 11/1/2020 at 3:36 PM, ThomasMann said:

I mean I only had like one deck, but sure 

some players (like lebovim and myself) had some issues with the 100 limit of decks. Each map, each position sometimes 2-3 diffrend tactics, also vor Rpve 4-5 decks (moste of them for fun) maby 1-2 random decks for casual map playing like a pure shadow deck)  if u count trough every map each possitions, 100 is way less than actually needet if u want to go like this. 

I totaly agree that some players just play with 2-3 decks (Rpve, campain) 



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