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Buff promos

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At the moment only differences between normal card and promo card is visual and upgrades (and so slight attack speed diff that it's not even visible).

Chance to get promo card is extremally low thats why prices are so high.


However there is no point of buying promo cards other than cosmetic. Thats why proposition is:

Buff slightly promo cards attack and hp that will make them worth their price.


Lets take Firedancer:

Attack: 100-155/4s

HP: 560

And promo after buff:

Attack: 120-175/4s

HP: 600


It will affect PVP balance but only between rich people and poor people and rich ones already got all cards they need anyway.

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I would prefer quite the opposite to get rid of those slight existing differences and indeed have promos only as skin. This opens up adding future promos without having any balancing issues to consider.

If you have followed the path the project is heading towards, the apparent goal is to make the game more beginner-friendly and keep competitive pvp at a fair balance. That's why changes like the card charges or the upgrade requirements have been made, so to make the difference between players of varied time spent ingame less pronounced. A change purposely designed to disrupt that chosen balancing path of the devs and team sounds unreasonable to me. 

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Like LEBOVIN said, our goal is to make the game more balanced instead of making it more unbalanced. If you introduce a change like this, the promo cards will become mandatory at a high level of PvP. Considering how rare promo cards are, not all players will have access to them. This will lead to a more unfair and frustrating game experience, especially for the top PvP players.

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Making Promos slightly benefitial to their regular counterparts is a really, really bad idea IMO. Beginners and veterans should have an even ground to start from (especially PvP) if now the promos behind the paywall is stricktly better it would only enrage players who cannot afford such a card. Additionaly promos would double in price probably. 

On 9/5/2020 at 1:49 PM, PrincessKenny said:

there is no point of buying promo cards other than cosmetic.

This is THE one and only reason why free to play games took off in the past 10 years. 

They allow players to invest in cosmetics, but get assured everything stays on an even playing field. 

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