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Spells of the Lost Souls

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Does anyone have experience with Revenents Blessing, Lost Evocation and Ethereal Storm?

I tried to play Crussade on Advanced with a pure LS deck. Luckily those Lost Shades die simultaniously. Keeping the revenants alives requires both afinities (that are lots of deck slots) and in the end the charges ran out. Also, I did need shadows' void pool manipulation to have all the required energy (enabling the revenant ability and cast lots of spells). I wasn't that much pleased with the power level of LS (PvE-wise).

I'd suggest adding more charges to all the LS spells and some automatic void return. :) What about enabling the revenants' ability as default when spawning those LS units? :D Or would that be to overpowered (especially in PvP)?

Anyhow, does anyone else played more games with pure LS and can enlighten me with some tactics? :)

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I love lost souls PVE decks with only lost (and not frost or shadow) spells and units. I think the colours and spell animations are the most beautiful of all factions but damn is it weak in comparison.

You would expect a card with very constrictive orb restriction to be stronger than one that you can combine with other colours - but unfortunately thats so often not the case in Battleforge. This leads to a lot of cards that almost never see any play like the lost spells you mentioned. Frenetic and infect alone are so much better than anything pure lost has to offer in T3 and even T4. Any why is lost warlord a weaker overlord, should be the other way around!

The only lost units or spells wich are regulary played in PvP are reaver and grigori. A free revenant would make them too efficent, the revenant ability is already somewhat useful against decks without good crowd control.

I can't give too much advice on playing this deck in PVE, cause i do really rarely. If you put in some non lost spells like f.e. frenetic, infect, coldsnap, maelstrom, homesoil etc the deck instantly becomes a lot stronger but you probably already know. Bloodhealing on the lost evocation is an efficent way to heal cause the revenant got lots of hp. Ethereal storm with all the side bonuses seems strong in theory but i never really tested it in situations where i actually had multiple revenants around to get the desired effects. In T4 the lost dragons can negate a lot of damage.

I think @Treim is someone who's able to keep revenants alive throughout a whole battlegrounds, maybe he can give some insight on his tactics.

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I wasn't able to keep Revenant alive throughout a whole battlegrounds. I think my maximum was about 4:30 to 5 minutes which is still considerable but far from indefinite. Generally the duration ran out after 3 to 4 minutes. The strategy has massive issues with long distance travel, so dead ends really kill the strategy as time is overall limited and the as you cant stay within Revenants Blessing to move you cut that time down further just by moving like that. That is why you need to plan your route meticously and scout the general map layout through the fog of war.

The deck revolved around using Lost Evocation + Blood Healing for sustain, 2x Revenants Blessing and both Netherwarps and staying clumped up with units as much as possible within bases to minimize the useage of Revenants Blessing.

A pure lost Souls deck is relatively underwhelming as is the case for most factions. What I like to do is build decks around keycards from these factions and if there are 2 cards that are relatively close in useability you choose the one that is of the faction even if slightly weaker than the "optimal choice". I think that way you can build a useable deck that can stay true to the factions/key cards identitiy without sacrificing playability too much.

To stay on topic of Lost Souls here you might want to play Viridya with Lost shades + Home Soil-Ice Barrier/ Motivate (Frostbite and Gravity Surge if necassary). While that makes it a non pure deck the core unit still is Lost Shades and you merely use supporting cards to enable/enhance the strategy.
You can generally build around 1 or 2 such concepts/ key cards for each tier and then build around that accordingly. You just need to ensure that certain cards do not take over the deck. Prominent examples are the aforementioned Frenetic assault and Infect as it is all too easy to suddenly make the deck reliant on those cards rather on the key cards you initially chose as such.
So e.g. you have the theoretical choice between Frenetic Assault and Coldsnap, Knight of Chaos or Glyph of Frost, Lost Converter --> discard Frenetic Assault as it is most likely to overbearing and pick one of the other ones that either works well with your current deck on the current map and that you can execute on. If choose the Freezing stuff maybe think about picking up complementary units like Lost Wanderer to enhance damage against frozen units or use netherwarp to teleport(requires t3) units into the effect radius of Lost Converter use Soul splicer to pick up souls and feed the converter, use Lost Vigils as main unit to make use of the building in t3 --> etc. You get the drill. Maybe you can make certain buildings or cards work at multiple times in the game that way.

i know this is a bit of abstract advice and maybe not the direct one you searched for but i hope that this helps you nonetheless.

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