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Is it possible to alter a players deck while in actual game?

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If so I'd like to suggest an alternative play mode, which should bring more diversiy to the game.

When having 0 orbs, a player gets 20 random tier 1 units of any colour. This is to define the starting orb colour, as well as playing the first unit. After playing the first card all the cards are replaced. The new 20 cards are a random selection of units, spells and buildings (5 of each group minimum). These have to be playable, matching the players orb colour. After a single card is played only that card gets replaced (alternatively: again, change all cards). After a player rises the tier there will be 20 new cards of the new tier.

Of course all the cards which can pop up are from the players personal collection. In the same way upgraded and charged. But charges don't really apply here. If a player does not own a certain card, it does not have a chance to pop up.

What do you think of this game mode?

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21 minutes ago, macabi said:

However, I would like to see a deck slot increase from 20 to 24.

That may be a big change too.

Am I correct?

Yes, it would at least destroy PvP balance to a certain extent. I get goosebumps imagining a stonekin deck with 24 slots. (At the moment stonekin players have to distribute weak spots among T1, T2 and T3 wich makes the deck relatively balanced). You could also play a lost souls deck with ~ 9 T3 cards, not fun.

@Flrbb : Maybe something wich comes close it possible with the map editor. I have no clue what's possible and what not, but some mapdesigners like Kaldra did crazy things with the existing mechanics of the game.

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Never thought of not having at least 20 cards for a certain tier. Well, I'd say in that case a player should see less. Anyhow, there should bei another rule for selecting the displayed cards: those who were played recently should not be in the new selection of cards.

On 5/15/2020 at 8:28 PM, Kubik said:

other than that there is no reason why it would be a big change :P

I disagree. A player gets only a mixture of sub-optimal cards for the current situation. It would be an (optional) gaming mode only. For easy and probably advanced game play. I doubt that you can beat many expert missions and PvP might bei fun, but probably noone wants to risk the ELO. :D

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