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Transformation into Mutating Maniac doesn't cost energy


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NAME: Transforming a unit into a Mutating Maniac does not cost any energy

DESCRIPTION: Transforming any unit with the Twilight Transformation ability into a Mutating Maniac does not cost any energy. And it doesn't just not use up the energy, it also doesn't check whether you have enough energy to use the ability to transform into a Mutating Maniac. It is a valid transformation target, even while at almost 0 energy.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens 100% of the time. I didn't check with all units, but most of them (even non-Twilight units, by giving them the Transformation ability using Deathglider's Ability) and only transformed them into Mutating Maniacs with Fire Affinity, as i don't own the other one atm.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is quite an old bug, that I reported way back on the official BattleForge forums. Seems like it never got fixed.


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just tested this, yes, it seems the energy needed to transform into mutating maniac is 0. (also tested fire affinity)

On the card it even states that cost to transform into this is 119, but that it not what happens in game.

You end up with a unit that cost nothing to transform into, and that does not bind any void energy (you even get back the void energy from the unit that you used to transform)

all the other transforms i tested seem to work fine. So this is probably some database problem?

green affinity works as intended.

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