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Balance Proposal: Fire Sphere

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Fire Sphere:


Card changes:

- Change orb requirements from :fireorb::fireorb::fireorb::neutralorb: to :fireorb::fireorb::neutralorb::neutralorb:

- Change damage from 2900 (max: 8600) to 6000 (max: 8000)


Thoughts behind this change:

These changes are meant to give Fire Sphere a place next to Cluster Explosion and Earthshaker.

Currently Fire Sphere doesn't really have a use simply because there is Earthshaker to destroy buildings and Cluster Explosion to kill lots of units. Because of its strong competition in those roles a simple overall damage increase probably wouldn't be enough. So we decided to give Fire Sphere the missing role of a "boss killer". For that reason we will increase it's damage against single units drasticly while keeping it's maximal damage low. This way it will be able to deal massive damage to one or two XL units.

Additionally it's orb requirements will be changed to give more colors access to this card. Fire Sphere isn't that special to keep it almost exclusively to pure fire.

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