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3 - Offering (Green) Counting bug

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Name: Offering is counting not correctly (Game engine works correct)

Severity: 3

Location: Ingame

Reproducible: always


It works like this:
1.       I have one charge of Construct (Count 1) (PIC1) 
2.       A spawn this Construct (Count 0) and the recharge begins (PIC2) 
3.       I spawn Rifle Cultists and use offering on them (Count 1) (PIC3) 
4.       I wait a moment and spawn another group of Rifle Cultists and use offering again. (Count 3) (PIC4) 
5.       I can now spawn 2 Construct (which is correct, because of two offerings)
6.       And then starts the recharge timer even though the charge counter tells 1 (PIC5) 

You can see this bug also between Pic 2 and Pic 3, the cultists get also 2 charges with one offering.


Additional Information:
My guess is that the counting only works if you down to 0 charges. Everything above adds 2 charges to the displayed count.


MFG Ultralord

(Discord: T1421)






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NAME: Offering (Nature) gives an extra charge
DESCRIPTION: In some instances Offering (Nature) gives an extra charge to one (or maybe more, but I have not reproduced that) of your cards
REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happends


Lost Spirit Ship (nature) - with 2 charges

Lost Spirit Ship (fire) - with 3 charges

Play all of them so you have 0 charges, play another t4 card and use Offering (Nature) on it to get back charges (I used Rifle Cultist with max upgrades and charges), you here get 1 of each Lost Spirit Ship, do it again (before plaing any of the ships), and you get 1 Nature and 2 Fire ships, so you're now up to 2 Nature ships and 3 Fire ships availible for play

Also tested using Giant Wyrms, and they also got 2 charges on the second offering used



Note: I have max 2 Nature and max 2 Fire of the Lost Spirit Ships


After 1 offering is played, +1 Nautre and +1 Fire is restored



After the Second offering is played, +1 Nature and +2 Fire ships are restored



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