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  1. offering bug - if applied to buildings i think, while they are already on max it will give graphical glitch where it will show one charge left but in reality! THERE IS NONE MWUAHAHA
  2. Untzz untz untz untis! we all lake the untz untz but im not sure it belongs here! Northland Drake Blue has a spelling error where the word "Units" has became a raving "Untis"!
  3. Are you guys aware that the "premade decks" actually was part of the original game and "everyone liked that"... EDIT: A better idea would be to do it like they did it for the first release, they paired premades with premades and selfmade with selfmade they were ofc. called different things back then but i am sure you guys get the point?!
  4. i tried this but it doesnt seem to work above 3 people.
  5. NAME: Could not create custom match! Errorcode: "1"! SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: When you click "create game" REPRODUCIBILITY: yes i have had it a couple of times. first i try to join someones game and then i "create game" - SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: [Always try to provide an appropriately named screenshot or video with the bug as clearly in play as possible. Link it, upload it, or attach it. It's not a big problem if you can't, but you are encouraged to try it. All videos uploaded on youtube need to be uploaded as unlisted] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: battleforge\release\beta\code\pregamemodem\PGMCustomMatchMaker.cpp[102] : error: assertion failed i am also unable to join someone elses gamelobby. 1 player maps work good however.
  6. Name : Join match creates ghost match Issue : Joining a lobby (this case it was rpve)nothing happened, upon closer inspection it created a ghost match. Steps : Look for a game lobby to join click join Nothing should happen ghost match with you as hostshould be visible Priority : 1 REPRODUCIBILITY: Yes. i am unable to join any games.
  7. Attempt to index nil value | unable to invite Error output [string "bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/matchmaking/pg_match..."]:347: attempt to index a nil value [1]nil=nil; [2] string="[string "bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/matchmaking/pg_match..."]:347: attempt to index a nil value"; stack traceback Steps Start bad harvest multiplayer game Invite 2 people 3 player will not be invited - reason "you can not invite a player because you are no the leader of the group" sic. 1 player left group, but game showed him as active in lobby Error pops up as stated above. upon pressing OK to get rid of error it will result in DC Priority 2 Do not know if it is possbile to reproduce.
  8. I have not seen this to be true, must be something else on your pc - or you are misinterpreting the way your OS handles ram. I have had it running in the background now for 30mins and it actually went down by 0.1mb in ram usage.
  9. NAME: Unable to get past login screen without disconnection SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: After login screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Been able to reproduce this indefinitely since yesterday DESCRIPTION: Steps i guess Run SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe Press play log in with valid username and password Receive success message get disconnected upon landing in the forge immediately "Your client has lost connection to the server" Press ok Land on login screen again. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: not needed. j ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: none.
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