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Karl Lavafeld

increase maximum deck number

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another one of the for after final release suggestions.

I feel the current maximum deck u can have is not enough for me. (50)

Its difficult to increase the number? 

I like to make a deck for every map for some maps each position one. For rpve every colour combination one. And for custom maps also. 


Kind regards

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I had a talk with @Ladadoos about this about a year ago. I think about 120 should be sufficient for the vast majority of people. I am not sure if it is still planned to be implemented but there definetly were thoughts in that direction

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To answer your question: no, it is not hard to increase the maximum number of decks on the server. However during closed beta it was already tested to increase the maximum number of decks (I think it was set to 100) but unfortunately we encountered that the client started behaving 'weird' with more than 50 decks which was the cause of several bugs. Once everything is up and running, I am sure that the devs will take another look if they could increase the maximum number of decks without causing any side affects, but this is not a priority for now.

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EA do not bother to implement multi-packet transfer so this is hard limitation, but lucky for you we plan to add "saving" decks the way you will not have that deck, but by not yet finalized UI you will be able to create with few clicks as long as you will have less than 50 decks.

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