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Emmaerzeh´s Map creation tutorial for dummies

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Emmaerzeh´s Map Creation tutorial for dummies



If u ever wanted to make a map but writing your own scripts was too difficult for you then this is for you. I would like to see people make some enjoyable Maps that i can play, since i played every official Map way too often. And pls dont spam useless Maps that not have Gameplay.


First of all, I can not write my own scripts I can just modify other peoples easy scripts for me.

Shout out and props to my old Map making collegue „Spitzkopf“ and thx to „Ladadoos“ who helped me out one time doing this.

I just wanna share the scripts that i can with you. With these scripts u can do Maps that work and make fun gameplaywise.

Pls also look at the other Tutorials. I will not at all talk about any optical things as f.e. how to do different map heights or textures...

Maybe i will later add some other explaiations like show the missiontasks ingame, but for now its just the absolute basics.


This Tutorial includes:


-This post where i explain everything

-A working example Map

-A folder with all the used scripts with description in the Name what they do

-A list with all Tags i used in the Editor

-A picture of the Map with descriptions

- The text of this post as a textfile



Lets get started.


Save often in editor sometimes he crash!!!


After u did something try if it workes ingame, or later u will not know why your Map not loads.

To test it u must : File => „Pak map“


As far as i know, after u change something in editor or in script u must delete the .Pak file manualy before u create a new .pak file. ( I did this like 100 x for this Map)


Remember all Tags u give the units and groups and choose names u can know where they are.

(write them on paper)



1: Open Editor => File=> New => choose size


2: Map settings => Team setup+playerkits =>

Choose f.e. „1Pl. Map“=> choose startenergy +startvoidenergy =>

Aggrotable (I f.e. Choose team enemy must be hostile with team neutral)

(Team neutral in my map is the civilist that u need to protect)


3: Place startwells, orb and starting Point (on the start orb). U find it in „Entinity Placement“

Open „entinity properties“ select all u placed and choose „pk_kit1“ in the field „player kit“

2 Player Pve ofc 1 player „player_kit2“


4: „Entinity Placement“ => place some spawnbuildings and squads =>

In „Entinity properties“ select „pk_enemy1“ in player kit „team_enemy1“ in Team

and give the Entinity (building/squad/...) a name in „tag“

f.e. „buildinga“ / „baseasquada“

5: Open the script group editor => new (new group name is allways „sg_new“)=>select sg_new =>

=>in „Entinity properties“ change the name to f.e. „sg_basea“

(if u can not delete the name first write the new name behind the old name then delete the old name)

=>in “script group editor“ write the name of squad u wanna add to group in the field then press add.

U do this with every building and squad u place in the editor that is affacted by a script.


6: If u want the Group to move open „scripting tool“

=> scripting path => place point => now u can drag and drop a way => choose „select“=> doubleclick on your way => give your way a Tag (in „Entinity Properties“) f.e. „waya“


7: Place a boss = give him a Tag f.e. „boss“


8: Place a wall if u want just make everything in the „entinity properties“ like i did it in my map.

Select all the wall Tag it f.e. „walla“


9: If u want the player must protect something place it and tag it f.e. „civilist“

In this case the civilist must be Team neutral.


10: Choose the „blocking tool“ paint everything where u not want the player can move f.e.

„ground+flying“ . At leat paint the map border. ( can be shown in „view““map border“)



The scripts:


In your map folder created by the editor create a folder named „script1“

Put all scripts in this folder.


I give u a folder in this post named „scripts and what they do“ you canjust copy the script u need change the name open it with windows editor change the Tags as u named your entinities and groups in the editor, change variables (like how manny seconds after all units in the group are dead they will respawn) and save it.


=>Choose one _main ( it must allway be named _main)

i give u 2.

one is for win condition f.e. Kill „boss“ u win

one is for win and loose condition f.e. Kill „boss“ u win , „civilist“ dead u loose

in my map i choose have win and loose condition


Ofc u the player loose all units and orbs is allways a loose not need a script


Now i explain just what i used in my map (see picture of map+ the scripts) :


1: sg_basea respawns after all members of the group are dead at buildinga.

(you can choose after how manny seconds)

Name of script in my folder for you:

sg_basea(name of Group)(respawn).lua

Name of the file must be Name of the Group (sg_basea)

=>so just delete (name of Group)(respawn) from the filename if u named your group „sg_basea“.

You must paste tag of building and respawn delay seconds

2: „sg_baseb“ respawns and walks waya after u killed the group it will respawn and walk again.

Name of script in my folder for you:

sg_baseb(Name of Group)(respawn and walk)( must have killscript).lua

Name of the file must be Name of the Group


2.1:for this u need another script ( ill just call it killscript from now on)

Name of script in my folder for you:

„basebsquada(Name of unit in Group that is killed)(This is the Killscript).lua“

Name of the file is tag of one unit(!!!) of the group you wanna kill

f.e. „basebsquada“

This script kills the Group at start of the game



3: sg_basec will respawn out of the same building as sg_baseb but u can choose after how manny minutes it will respawn the first time. From then on it will respawn after the time u chose after it died. Then it will walk a way.



buildingb after game starts only spawns sg_baseb but after 1 minute (or whatevertime u choose)

it will additionally spawn sg_basec


You can also let them spawn out of their own building as you like.


Name of script in my folder for you:

sg_basec(Name of Group)(respawn after some minutes in Game and walk)(must have killscript).lua

Name must be Name of the Group f.e. „sg_basec“


You also need a Killscript for this : see „2.1:“



4: After you killed „buildingb“ ,„buildingc“ will spawn units and they walk „wayb“

Name of script in my folder for you:

sg_based(Name of Group)(respawn after other building is destroyed)(must have killscript).lua

Name must be name of the Group. f.e. „sg_based“


Needs killscript see „2.1:“



5: „sg_wallarchers“ will mount the wall „walla“

Name of script in my folder for you:

„sg_wallarchers(Name of Group)(Lets Group of units mount a wall).lua“

Name must be name of the group.



With this scripts u can allready do a lot.

Have fun !! I wanna see awesome maps now

You can do a nice map in one or two days.

I also want invite other People that can script to send me scripts and description so i can add them to this post. 


This is a little bit opening pandoras box cause manny will say „mimimi you must be inovative everybody must write his own scrips and understand scripting“. But here we are after 9 years BF there are only super less playable maps cause its way to complicated for most of the people.

Kind Regards Emmaerzeh




The actual Map.rar

Scripts and what they do.rar

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Yes. but u need to know the exact internal outcry name/id ?


AudioVoicePlay    {Voice = "", Volume = default},

in combination with:

MissionOutcry    {Player = "ALL", Tag = "default", TextTag = "", Text = "", DurationSeconds = default, PortraitFileName = "default"},

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On 1/2/2021 at 7:02 PM, LEBOVIN said:

Yes. but u need to know the exact internal outcry name/id ?


AudioVoicePlay    {Voice = "", Volume = default},

in combination with:

MissionOutcry    {Player = "ALL", Tag = "default", TextTag = "", Text = "", DurationSeconds = default, PortraitFileName = "default"},

Thanks for edit, I'll be finding out after exam period, however I got 2 very cool ideas, so I'll be going through all editor stuff soon.

Well, if there's no list of sounds ids, then it's time to make one.
I think I'd start going through Defending Hope map example and possibly find out everything I need.

Thanks! ^^
(I played a few more custom maps today, and lack of narrator is definitely draining a lot of life from the game, I got used to those voices - WITCHES ARE CLOSE TO THE SHARD< STOP THEM)

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