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1 - Whenever party leaders leaves an ingame match he is kicked from the group


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NAME: Whenever party leaders leaves an ingame match he is kicked from the group
LOCATION: Ingame (match)
DESCRIPTION: When a party leader leaves the match he is kicked from the group a few seconds later. On his end (the player who left the match), he still sees himself in the group while players that are still ingame don't see him in the group anymore.

This has a bad side effect, which is that whenever the party leader leaves the match while the match has only 2 players left (the party leader and another person), the game freezes shortly after for the player still ingame. He can't spawn units and can't click "leave match" to leave the match. Logging out works fine. I assume this side-effect is related to this bug.

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Not sure if this is the same issue, but we tried to reproduce the bug.. And according to Kuba (batorfly) he was in no group after I left the group (I was leader) 



He was still able to summon units and leave the match through the ESC menu tho :thinking:

1. Player 1 Creates Lobby
2. Player 2 & 3 join Lobby 
3. Start match
4. Player 1 (Leader) Leaves match
5. Player 2 loses group?!?!, but can still summon and leave match through ESC menu
6. Player 3 was unteamed with Player 2. No Player 1 his group. (Also able to summon units and leave through ESC menu)
7. Player 1 still in group, (screenshot)

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Edited step 6.
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BurningWorld any me just tested this. He (as leader) left the match (and was removed from the group), I was able to continue to play normally. However when I left myself I got a system message "Unknown error!" when I returned to the forge and I was still in an unteamed group by myself which I couldn't leave (and thus not start a new match). 

Edit: the error message is given just before the dialog pops up 'You lost' in which you need to press 'continue' to return to the forge. So before the loading screen.

I dont think that leaving a match should kick you from the group btw, since when you play with friends but you want to restart the game, you should be able to continue with the same group.

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You can try to send question to EA to explain us how they meant groups to work, or how to know which king of group is player currently in.

We need to kick player from "match" group, but keep him in "forge" group.

problem is we do not create two groups, so kicking kick player from the only one group he has.

If you get answer we will be interested to hear how that system was supposed to work.

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