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  1. NAME: Visual Bug - Go to existing match. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Game Looby REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: 1. Player A Creates a Lobby 2. Player B Joins Lobby and clicks on "X" 3. Player A Leaves Lobby making Player B Leader 4. Player A joins back in 5. Player B Clicks on "Go to the Existing Match..." and it takes Player B correctly there but the window does not close. The window keeps bugged unless the lobby is disbanded even if you kick player A.
  2. LOCATION: Forge home pageREPRODUCIBILITY: AlwaysDESCRIPTION: If you whisper to a friend and try to use the commands on the menu top left to see your quest rewards/time left, the game just brings you back to the forge an nothing happens. Whisper to a user use any of the commands below from this menu Game just brings you back to "Welcome to the Forge"
  3. Agreed. Why do we have to create a new group after each Match?
  4. More Context: This happens two times on first "login." This might be due to a server clock reset? I am not sure Once the player is broken and does not have group chat, the player remains broken for further lobbies the player joins. If the player creates a lobby and another player joins, the player will have the "group" chat but no one receives the messages the player posts in "group chat" If the player relogg, the issue is fixed. I don't think this is random at all. We are missing one step. Perhaps, one of the client devs can take a look at this in-real time if they are available and if I am able to reproduce?
  5. Looks like the player can use "Match" Chat instead of group. To be able to use Match Chat, the player needs to start a game with the group. The Match chat will shows as Match for the player but will show group for the other players. I am still not clear on how to trigger it. One Difference I was able to account for is that I showed as "Teamed" for the party owner while he showed as "Teamed" for me. This may indicate why it's broken to begin with.
  6. Count me in please for PVP (1vs1 , and 2vs2 ) and PVE
  7. Can you please make sure I am in the open BETA Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to play this game a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg the HYPE
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