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Important question for the "meta"

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I have an important question, I would like to know if he is going to have a system there of "meta" on games, because I think that to go to add you or to modify cards to the son time not?

Because when I see the games as league of legend which changes meta every 3 months it is hopeless ... and I would like really not that this magnificent game goes that way.

Thank you for the answers future:D



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2 hours ago, Morathyls said:

The unjust homesoil nerf still haunts me to this day.

lol :)




Do you mean with added cards and stuff? You can see the FAQ for more, but I believe the devs currently don't plan to add or patch anything.


The game was relatively stable for a while before it shut down--it might not be perfect, but I know a lot of people will come on and claim that a card is broken and it's just because they haven't figured out how to play around it yet. There was also some concerns about copyright and EA shutting us down if we modified the game, but I think those worries have been put to rest.


So maybe after the game is up in full release and we give the devs a year, along with a backroom of players/testers, we might get new cards/patches :). Or not.


Or were you asking something else?

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@Supreme It is exactly about what I wanted to speak, And it is sure that I expect by has a meta one so big in the games which will modify all the gameplay but more in buf the fire for example and the blow everybody play fire but not Because the deck but just likes because it is just too strong.


Ty for response 

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When/if we get to balancing (which might take a while and/or not be possible), I will make sure to be careful about metas and all that. However, with balancing come meta shifts. For some, this is a great thing, for others it's annoying, but it sure encourages trying out new things. 

The state that Phenomic left the balance of the game in is not fantastic in terms of PvP, but it was acceptable enough back in the day. If I were to touch PvP balance, I would do so through close community communication and take the time needed to come up with a reasonable solution for balancing problems. However, if we get to balancing, I would highly prioritise getting unused cards to be more viable in at the very least PvE. There are a lot of cards that have potential, but just don't make the cut for any deck, and I'd like to change that. It's the least impactful thing to do as compared to directly tweaking and balancing frequently used PvP cards and strategies, and it would allow us to see whether it works, as well as seeing how balancing affects the community. 

So, huge meta shifts will be unlikely for a while, but if possible I do intend to make the game better and more enjoyable for everyone. This might take quite a while though before we even get there, so don't worry about it for now :)

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I'd say prior to the last round of PvP balance changes we were looking at the most balanced meta in game history. Reverting the thugs buff would rebalance tier-1 which I would argue was essentially done. Tier-2 was looking decent, minus bandits. Even then, a few very small tweaks like Bandit Spearmen getting knockback resistance (please) and Bandit Stalker being given siege damage could go a long way to fixing the faction's woes without affecting other match-ups. 

PvP was looking pretty good overall. Some factions had obvious advantages but I don't think we had any obviously overpowered Tier-1 or Tier-2 cards/combinations that were ruining the meta. I'm happy to hear that our new Dev team will be focusing on buffing some obscure PvE cards first, as we will all be pretty bad at PvP when we get back into it.

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