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  1. @Supreme It is exactly about what I wanted to speak, And it is sure that I expect by has a meta one so big in the games which will modify all the gameplay but more in buf the fire for example and the blow everybody play fire but not Because the deck but just likes because it is just too strong. Ty for response
  2. I said League of legend but it's not a good example, more hearthstone and the meta
  3. I have an important question, I would like to know if he is going to have a system there of "meta" on games, because I think that to go to add you or to modify cards to the son time not? Because when I see the games as league of legend which changes meta every 3 months it is hopeless ... and I would like really not that this magnificent game goes that way. Thank you for the answers future:D llunsyx@
  4. llunsyx

    My Bad

    Why bad situation ?
  5. +rep good Member :)


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      it's even better x)


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      We getting rep for being an active member? :kappa:


    Ha but suddenly I lost everything .. I thought not to lose my message and my reputation :/ 

    but ok and ty 

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      This should all be fixed now.

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      i love u <333333333333333333333333

      for the giveaway i need my reputtation x)

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