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Oh well i take every shameless selfpromotion i can get :kappaross:


I am a small german variety streamer Dungeon Master / Tabletop RPG enthusiast.
I played the EA Beta and the Release but i stopped playing Battleforge because i could not affort Booster packs in that time (dammit school times!!!) i am not interested in playing PvP so when i play Skylords its only hot coop or singleplayer Action.

I started again playing this gem yesterday so dont expect awsome cards and strats, but if you are new too or want to see a newbie playing his way to the top, your welcome to hop in. 

p.s.: My stream is bilangual so if i am talking german just jump in and ask politely then i am happy to switch the language and entertain you for a bit. <3 unless the stream has [GER] and not [GER/EN] in the title. That happens when i have guests in my stream who have trouble switching the language.

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forgot something
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Just saw this thread and decided to add myself.


Hobby Streamer from Germany (Stream is in German)

I stream mostly Strategy and RPG Stuff.  

Really  was excited when i noticed the Game was remade by Fans.  Started to play again in the Test Phase and happily joined again in January (Couldnt play over Christmas).

I simply play Pve Content and trying to help players with their missions and questions. 
(got a youtube channel aswell where i post some tutorials and guides)

Iam also always happy when people want to join the fun.

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On 5/4/2021 at 1:29 PM, Minashigo Hiko said:

Hey all, 

I am not really the best streamer there is as my schedule most of the time depends on my randomness that I name time and also how much I want to stream.

But there you go!: 



I dont see any Battleforge content tho? 

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