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  1. Just saw this thread and decided to add myself. twitch.tv/prlsmatik Hobby Streamer from Germany (Stream is in German) I stream mostly Strategy and RPG Stuff. Really was excited when i noticed the Game was remade by Fans. Started to play again in the Test Phase and happily joined again in January (Couldnt play over Christmas). I simply play Pve Content and trying to help players with their missions and questions. (got a youtube channel aswell where i post some tutorials and guides) Iam also always happy when people want to join the fun.
  2. Seems to work fine now. Thank you
  3. NAME: Inactivity Message and Freeze SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Start of Every Map REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION:Every Time i start a map it sais "if you stay inactive you will be disconnected" after like 3/4 times the game freezes but chat is still active. We had the same bug with 4 People on Bad Harvest.
  4. I think they already said that the disconnect just means the server is full. If you have a long load time and then dc its full and if it isnt then the loading time is pretty short.
  5. Got to play four maps. Really fun to play again. What i did encounter so far is, that after you played a map you get back to the forge and your games freezes. You cant do anything but close it via task manager. Rewards are saved and mails also after reconnecting. Just the freeze is a bit annoying. But great work and i enjoyed it so much playing again :-)
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