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Introducing .. bobfrog, our new Tool Developer

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Hello Skylords !

We recently talked with bobfrog about his recruitment topic and come to a point that, having him in our team as a tool developer would be really helpful, so we decided to add him in our team ! Welcome to him :D

He'll mainly take care of different tools, to help moderation, administration, players etc... That will depend of what we would like to have so far :)

So welcome @bobfrog in our team !


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40 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

So what is his rank now? Developer? And new rank called "Tool Developer" ?



Congratulations @bobfrog, now help us take over the staff team!


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3 minutes ago, InsaneHawk said:

Well just look at his profile and you'll get the answer

He have Tool Developer rank, Developer's color, and Developer's sign. Will you change color and sign for Tool Developer or will you keep it as very very similar to developer status?

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It's a very similar status, just the title change for now, we don't have another sign for him by the way :D
And color is nice, it's the developer color, even he's not working on the core project, he's working on beside stuff that will be as useful as others for us. :)

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